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丽江市古城区永胜县华坪县即刻种植牙植骨全口缺失价格昭通市妇幼保健院看牙齿不齐牙齿美白多少钱Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives have unveiled their version of health care reform legislation, in an effort to accelerate progress toward meeting achieving one of President Obama's major priorities. Republicans immediately blasted the proposal, which Democrats say they're determined to have the House vote on before the August congressional recess.   美国众议院的民主党人公布了自己的医保改革法案,以便加速实现奥巴马总统的医疗保健改革计划,这是奥巴马的重要优先工作项目之一。共和党人立刻抨击了这个议案, 而民主党人说,他们决心让众议院在8月休会之前对此进行投票。The effort by majority Democrats to reform the health care system, a goal President Barack Obama says is crucial to speeding economic recovery, ran into problems because of huge initial cost estimates, and the prospect of higher taxes to pay for the changes.   奥巴马总统说,改革医疗保健系统是加速经济复苏所必需的。但是多数党民主党改革医保系统的努力遇到麻烦,这是由于预计的启动费用巨大,为了改革需要增税。The president has pledged that health care reform would be fully paid for and not add to the federal budget deficit, the growth of which experts agree also threatens long-term recovery. But a proposal by majority Democrats to pay for it by increasing taxes on high wage earners (couples earning more than 0,000) and wealthy Americans recently provoked opposition from fiscally-conservative Democrats.   民主党议员提议增加高工资者的所得税,让那些总收入超过35万美元的夫妇和富人多交税,这引起了那些在财政上比较保守的民主党人的反对。Amid worries that disagreements might destroy chances of House and Senate votes before an August congressional recess, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Democratic leaders worked out a final version they vow to bring to a vote before lawmakers leave town.   人们担心,这种分歧也许会使众议院和参议院在国会8月休会之前不能对此投票。众议院议长佩洛西和民主党领导人商定了一个最后文本,他们誓言要国会在议员们离开华盛顿之前进行表决。Pelosi called the measure a historic step of major importance for America's middle class, but also described as a starting point:   佩洛西称这个法案对美国中产阶级具有重要意义,迈出了历史性的一步。她还说这是个起点。"This bill is a starting point and a path to success, to lower costs for consumers and businesses, to give greater choice to Americans including keeping your doctor and plan if you like them, better quality of care putting doctors not insurance companies back in charge, and to provide stability and peace of mind that you cannot be denied care of coverage for a pre-existing [medical] condition," said Nancy Pelosi.   佩洛西说:“这个法案是个起点,是走向成功之路,它将减少消费者和企业的费用;它将给美国人更多的选择,包括可以保留你喜欢的医生和医疗保险计划,提高医疗质量,让医生而不是保险公司作主;它将让你安心放心,知道自己不会因为身体有病而得不到医疗保险。”The measure includes a new government-run insurance plan, known as a public option to compete with private providers. Provisions aim to slow rapidly-increasing medical care costs, and improve access to and the quality and effectiveness of care and treatments.   这个议案包括一个新的由政府管理的医疗保险计划,也就是所谓的公共选择,同私营保险公司竞争。目标是减缓迅速增长的医疗费用,使人们更容易得到医疗照顾,提高医疗照顾的质量和效果。Democratic Henry Waxman chairs the House Energy amp; Commerce Committee:   众议院能源和商务委员会主席,民主党议员韦克斯曼说:"The [current] system is unsustainable," said Henry Waxman. "We cannot continue to put more and more money into health care, especially when you recognize that this country spends more money on health care than any other western industrialized nation, and yet we have 46 to 50 million people uninsured."   “目前的体制难以为继。我们不能继续往医保系统投入越来越多的钱,特别是在你认识到这一点的情况下:美国在医疗保健上花的钱比其他任何西方工业国都多,但是有4600万到5000万美国人没有医疗保险。”Representative George Miller, a California Democrat, said the Democratic-controlled Congress will deliver on a goal set by President Obama when he was elected:"We will in this year produce a bill that is fair and fully paid for, reduces cost, preserves choice, and expands access for all Americans," said George Miller. "That was the charge that President Obama gave this Congress when he was sworn into office, it was the charge that the American people gave President Obama when they voted for him in the election."Currently, between 46 million and 50 million Americans are without health insurance. A report earlier this year found that one out of three Americans under the age of 65 were without health insurance at some point over the past two years. As for the sensitive question of costs, lawmakers were more guarded, declining to specify a figure before the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) provides its estimate. However, it is thought to be around trillion.   对于成本这个敏感问题,议员们比较谨慎,在无党派的国会预算办公室提出估测之前,不肯提出具体数字。不过人们认为,这个成本是一万亿美元左右。Republicans immediately responded, attacking the proposed surtax on high-earning Americans as another burden on small businesses, and asserting that the government insurance plan will ruin the existing private medical system:   共和党议员立刻做出反应,抨击这个议案中对于高收入者征收附加税的条款是给小企业增加的又一个负担。他们断言,政府的医疗保险计划将毁坏现有的私营保险系统。Missouri Republican Roy Blunt:   代表密苏里州的共和党议员布朗特说:"What we really have here is a bill that without any question will kill jobs, will limit access to health care, will raise taxes, and will lead to a government takeover of health care," said Roy Blunt.   “这个议案无疑会减少就业机会,使得一些人得不到医疗保健,提高征税,会导致政府接管医保工作。”Democrats will fine tune the measure over the next three weeks to, among other things, address ongoing concerns of fiscally-conservative Democrats, a group known as the Blue Dogs who want assurances that cost-cutting measures will be effective.   民主党人将在今后三个星期里调整这个议案,以便安抚那些在财政上比较保守的民主党议员,他们的一个团体要求得到一个保,那就是削减成本的措施将会奏效。In a statement, the group said it is committed to passing health care reform, but said any plan that fails to meet President Obama's goal of substantially bringing down costs is not an option. The Senate has made slower progress coming up with a health care reform bill. Achieving House and Senate votes before August would allow lawmakers to resolve differences on separate bills so each chamber could vote on a final version after they return from their break.07/77909昆明地包天牙齿如何矫正 Bush, Obama Remember Troops at Christmas布什奥巴马号召过节不忘驻外美军 Both U.S. President George Bush and President-elect Barack Obama are spending a quiet Christmas out of the media spotlight with family and friends. They are urging Americans to remember U.S. troops abroad as they celebrate this holiday season. 美国总统布什和当选美国总统奥巴马都在新闻媒体的视线外与亲友一起静悄悄地欢度圣诞节。他们敦促美国人在庆祝节日佳期时别忘了在国外的美国军人。President Bush is at Camp David - the U.S. presidential retreat in the mountains of western Maryland. President-elect Obama is in Hawaii, where he was born and raised. 布什总统目前在马里兰州西部山区的美国总统度假地戴维营。当选总统奥巴马则在夏威夷,他生长的地方。They are one in spirit on this Christmas - uniting in calling on all Americans to remember and honor U.S. troops who are far from home for the holidays. 他俩在圣诞节期间一致呼吁全体美国人在节日期间要记得并尊重远离家乡的美国军人。Mr. Bush called nine members of the armed forces on Christmas Eve to thank them for their service. All are deployed abroad, primarily in Iraq and Afghanistan. 布什总统在圣诞节前夕打电话给九位军人,感谢他们为国务。这九位军人全都部署在海外,主要是在伊拉克和阿富汗。In his weekly radio address - released early to coincide with the holiday - Mr. Bush reflected on their love of country. 布什总统因为节日而提前发表每周广播讲话。他在讲话中谈到了军人们的爱国精神。"Every one of them has sacrificed to serve our nation. And with their sacrifices, they preserve the peace and freedom that we celebrate during the season," he said. 他说:“他们每一个人都由于为国务而作出了牺牲。他们以自己的牺牲让我们在庆祝节日时享有和平与自由。”President-elect Obama echoed those thoughts in the official Democratic Party response.  当选总统奥巴马在民主党的正式回应中表达了跟布什总统相同的想法。"Our troops and military families have won the respect and gratitude of their broader American family," he said. "Michelle and I have them in our prayers this Christmas, and we must all continue to offer them are full support in the weeks and months to come." 他说:“我们的部队和军人家属赢得了美国大家庭的尊重和感激。我和米歇尔在今年圣诞节的祷告中也会为他们祈祷,我们都必须在今后一段时间内继续向他们提供全力持。”But Mr. Obama went on to stress these are also tough times for Americans hit hard by the nation's economic ills. He said there are many who need a job, struggle to pay bills, and worry that they could lose their homes. 奥巴马接着强调指出,还有一些美国人因为受美国经济弊病的沉重打击而处境困难。他说,有许多人没有工作,挣扎着付账单,并且还担心可能会失去自己的住房。"That is why this season of giving should also be a time to renew a sense of common purpose and shared citizenship. Now, more than ever, we must rededicate ourselves to the notion that we share a common destiny as Americas - that I am my brother's keeper, I am my sister's keeper," he added. 奥巴马说:“那就是为什么在这个施予他人礼物的节期,我们也应当再次感受到我们作为美国公民的共同目标。如今我们要比以往任何时候都更加意识到,作为美国公民,我们要有同舟共济的理念,我们要互相帮助。”The Obama family is expected to remain in Hawaii to ring in on January 1. President Bush will travel from Camp David to his Texas ranch on Friday and will remain there until New Year's Day. 奥巴马一家预计将在夏威夷迎来年的元旦。布什总统将在星期五从戴维营前往德克萨斯州的农场,并将在那里庆祝元旦。200812/59629阿卡帕纳是最大的梯形金字塔,曾被认为是一座人工堆建的小山。阿卡帕纳金字塔是遗址中最大的建筑,塔底平面呈长方形,长180米,140米。One thousand years before Columbus, they were pyramid builders, warriors, the architects of an empire in South America. The Tiwanaku lived in a valley of Lake Titicaca for 1,500 hundred years. And then their civilization vanished, leaving behind only stone ruins and the enduring mystery of their passing. The center piece of Tiwanaku's spiritual power was the Akapana Pyramid, surrounding the pyramid, cities and temples, was a vast maze of channels and regions, though they look like irrigation ditches, they were far too complex.The mystery of their purpose is one that archaeologist Alan Kolata had been struggling to solve. Kolata had a hunch, and to prove it he asked the local farmer to plant crops along the channel banks. Then the archaeologist and the farmers led in the water. Crops spouted and began to grow. But then a tremendous frost hit the outer planter. It devastated other fields, but the crops landed along the canals were not affected.The key to the sophistication of these, uh, of these raise fill system are really these canals that you see here all around me. What's important about the maze is they function like gigantic solar collectors. If you fetch this water you'll see that it's warm enough to bay, and it's truly remarkable and here we are up at 14,000 feet. And that's really the key to the system. It really prevents frost from damaging the crops that would be growing up on these field platform services here.The mystery was solved. The Tiwanaku had found a way to control the environment of the valley itself. Their canals store heat during the day, then radiate it over the fields at night. This remarkable system provided the wealth to build an empire, and to keep it for over a millennium. But then a mid-growing political turmoil, the empire began to decline. For the Tiwanaku, it was the end, but for the local farmers, it is a new beginning. Secure from the frost, the raise fields proved to be seven times more productive, providing hope for a better harvest, and pride for their ancestor wisdom that is returned from the past.04/67630昆明43医院瓷嵌体的费用

昆明延安医院牙科Chinese internet companies中国互联网企业An internet with Chinese characteristics中国特色互联网Online business in China is growing even faster than the offline sort. Local tastes and needs, as well as the state, are endowing it with distinctive features中国网上业务较网下业务发展更为迅猛。本土风味与需求,还有政府,正赋予其鲜明特色。Jul 30th 2011 | HANGZHOU | from the print editionWHEN Huang Bing graduated from university in 2005, he promised himself he would make his first 1m yuan (about 5,000) within three years. It took him a bit longer, but no matter: if his business, a collection of online cosmetics stores, maintains its current trajectory, he will soon count his first billion. In a few years he expects annual revenues to reach 10 billion yuan.黄冰(音译)2005年大学毕业时,决心在三年内赚到首个100万(约15.5万美元)。现下看来,达成目标尚需时日,但不要紧,倘若其化妆品网店生意照现在这种趋势发展下去,首个100万很快就会赚到,且有望在数年后年收入达1000万元。Mr Huang’s company, ed Cosmetics International, is only one of thousands on Taobao Mall, a huge online shopping centre. He spotted a demand from women in China’s hinterland for branded cosmetics—and advice on how to use them. “A lot of women in rural areas don’t have access to quality products,” he explains, guiding visitors through the firm’s headquarters in the outskirts of Hangzhou, two hours’ drive south-west of Shanghai. On several floors, at desk after desk, “beauty consultants” busily type answers for customers.大型网上交易中心“淘宝商城”入驻企业成千上万,黄冰的“联合化妆品国际公司”(ed Cosmetics International)仅是其中之一。他看准了中国内地女性热衷名牌化妆品、渴望了解其使用方法的需求。“许多身处偏僻地区的女性没法接触到优质化妆品”,他一边领着来宾参观公司总部,一边解释道。其总部位于杭州郊区,距上海西南部两小时车程。几层楼上,桌子一张挨着一张,“美容顾问”忙着敲打电脑键盘,在线为顾客解疑答惑。 As goes ed Cosmetics, so goes the Chinese internet. It is growing by leaps and bounds (see chart 1), as ever more people log on from phones, homes or offices, or in huge internet cafés (pictured). The China Internet Network Information Centre reckons that the online population, aly the world’s biggest, has risen by 6% to 485m this year. And almost two-thirds of people are not yet online.“联合化妆品公司”所走之路,便是中国互联网成长之途。随着越来越多的人用手机入网,或在家中、办公室及大型网吧(见照片)上网,其发展突飞猛进。“中国互联网络信息中心”估计,已排名世界第一的中国网民数,今年又增加了6%,达4.85亿人。并且还有近三分之二的人尚未上网。201108/146939昆明隐形牙套价格 Study Says No Smoking Laws Reduce Heart Attacks美城市公共场所禁烟使心脏病锐减  U.S. health experts say laws that bar smoking in public places appear to dramatically cut the number of heart attacks according to a recent study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 美国健康专家说,禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律大幅减少了心脏病的发病率。Researchers studying a smoking ban in the western U.S. state of Colorado say a no smoking law in one city led to a 40 percent decrease in the number of residents hospitalized for heart attacks. 对美国西部科罗拉多州普韦布洛市一项禁烟活动进行研究的人员称,在这个城市实行的禁烟法已经使得因为心脏病发作而住院的人减少了百分之40。Dr. Terry Pechacek, with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Office on Smoking and Health, says the study indicates that secondhand smoke may be an under-recognized cause of heart attack deaths.  美国疾病控制与防病中心的特里·佩哈切克医生说,这项研究显示,二手烟可能是造成心脏病死亡的原因之一,不过这一病因还没有被人们充分认识到。"For too long we have considered exposure to secondhand smoke in restaurants, bars, and other places as typical and common, however, these data indicate that even brief exposure to secondhand smoke can produce rapid and adverse changes in the functioning of the heart and blood, and cause heart attacks," he said. 他说,“长期以来,我们一直认为在餐馆、酒吧和其他场合接触二手烟是无可厚非的,但是数据显示,哪怕是短暂吸入二手烟也可能对心脏和血液功能产生迅速的破坏作用,甚至导致心脏病发作。”In 2003, the city of Pueblo, Colorado passed a law making public places and workplaces smoke-free. Researchers say they found there were 399 hospital admissions for heart attacks in Pueblo in the 18 months before the ban. After the no-smoking law was passed, 237 people were hospitalized for heart attacks in the same time period. 科罗拉多州的普韦布洛市2003年通过了一项禁止在公共场合和工作场合吸烟的法律。研究人员说,他们发现,在禁令生效前的18个月里,这个城市因心脏病发作而住进医院的有399例。法律开始实施之后,同样在18个月中因为心脏病住院的为237例。Dr. Pechacek says researchers also studied nearby areas in Colorado without smoking bans. He says they found there was no significant change in the number of heart attack hospitalizations in these areas.  佩哈切克医生说,研究人员还对普韦布洛附近一些没有禁烟法的城市进行了研究。他们发现,这些地区的住院心脏病人数量没有明显变化。"The fact that there was no change in the comparison counties and the comparison areas around Pueblo suggests that the only thing that is reasonable to assume as having this big effect was the impact of the law, he said. “普韦布洛附近的对比城市和地区的数字没有变化,这个事实告诉我们,可能的合理假设是禁烟法是产生这个结果的重要原因。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says other studies have reported that laws making public places smoke-free have led to rapid reductions in hospital admissions for heart attacks, but this is the only study that has looked at the effects over a longer period of three years. 美国疾病控制与防病中心表示,其他研究也显示,禁止在公共场合吸烟的法律使得因心脏病发作住院的病人人数迅速减少。不过,这是针对二手烟的影响进行长达三年之久的唯一一项研究。Dr. Pechacek says he hopes the findings will lead to more laws banning public smoking in the U.S. as well as other countries. Although, he says a World Health Organization treaty aly contains a provision requiring countries to pursue protection for non-smokers from secondhand smoke. 佩哈切克医生说,他希望这些结论将促使美国和其他国家出台更多禁止在公共场所吸烟的法律。当然,他也指出,国际卫生组织WHO早已制订出了相关条款,要求各国保护非吸烟者免受二手烟危害。"These data add further weight to that provision and strongly encourage that every country around the world recognize that smoking in any enclosed space is very dangerous to the non-smokers, and one of the best things we can do for public health is encourage smoke-free policies," he said. “这些数据进一步给那些条款提供了根据,而且强烈要求世界每个国家承认,在任何封闭的场所抽烟对于不吸烟的人来说是非常危险的。而我们能做到的最利于大众健康的事情就是鼓励禁烟政策。”The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that secondhand smoke exposure causes 46,000 heart disease deaths every year in the ed States alone. 美国疾病控制与防病中心估计,吸入二手烟仅仅在美国每年就导致4万六千人死于心脏病。01/60390云南省第二人民医院直丝弓自锁隐形矫正多少钱

昆明市柏德医院看牙套整牙补牙洗牙价格Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has renewed the U.S. call for a withdrawal of Russian forces from Georgia under the accords that ended the two countries' brief war in 2008.美国国务卿克林顿再次呼吁俄罗斯按照一项协议从格鲁吉亚撤军。该协议是2008年双方为结束短暂的战争签署的。Her comments at the State Department, speaking Wednesday at the opening of a U.S.-Georgian dialogue, appeared aimed at reassuring Georgia that the Obama administration will not overlook Georgian interests as it pursues cooperation with Russia on other major foreign policy issues.克林顿的似乎是要再次向格鲁吉亚保,奥巴马政府寻求与俄罗斯在其他主要外交政策上的合作,但同时不会忽视格鲁吉亚人民的利益。At the opening session of the second U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership dialogue, Clinton again described Russia's continuing military presence in the breakaway Georgian regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia as an occupation.在第二届美国与格鲁吉亚战略伙伴关系对话的开幕式上,克林顿再次指出俄罗斯在格鲁吉亚的分离地区阿布哈兹和南奥塞梯继续驻军就是占领。Clinton said the ed States "will not waver" in its support for Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and said support is a core principle of the partnership accord and "fundamental" to the bilateral relationship.克林顿说,美国“坚定不移”地持格鲁吉亚的主权和领土统一,她还表示这一立场是年签定的伙伴协议的核心原则,也是双边关系的“根本”所在。"We continue to call on Russia to end its occupation of Georgian territory, withdraw its forces and abide by its other commitments under the 2008 cease-fire agreements," said Clinton. "Georgia has taken a constructive approach in our common efforts to address this challenge through the talks in Geneva. We support the objective of Georgia's state strategy on occupied territories, and we are prepared to undertake activities that reinforce these important objectives."她说:“我们继续呼吁俄罗斯结束对格鲁吉亚的领土占领,撤军并遵守2008年停战协议中的其它承诺。在我们共同的努力下,格鲁吉亚通过日内瓦和谈,采取建设性的态度应对这一挑战。我们持格鲁吉亚对被占领土的国家战略的目标,我们也做好准备,采取行动来加强这些重要的目标。”The Geneva talks were convened in the aftermath of the 2008 war, in which a Georgian strike against South Ossetian separatists was followed by a Russian military thrust into both that area and the breakaway Black Sea coastal region of Abkhazia.2008年,俄罗斯与格鲁吉亚的战争结束后举行了日内瓦和谈。那场战争中,格鲁吉亚袭击了南奥塞梯的分裂分子,之后俄罗斯军队进入南奥塞梯以及黑海沿岸的阿布哈兹地区。201010/115132 U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates flew out of Bahrain Saturday afternoon after meeting with the king and crown prince about political reforms, and just ahead of another demonstration in Manama.美国国防部长盖茨星期六下午飞离巴林。此前,他与巴林国王和皇太子就政治改革问题举行了会议。在盖茨离开后不久,麦纳麦爆发了又一次示威活动。There was a large protest on Friday in Manama and on Saturday thousands of protesters marched near the royal family's palaces. As the secretary headed home he said he believes the kingdom's leaders are serious about responding to the protests with real political reforms.星期五,麦纳麦发生了大规模抗议。星期六,几千名抗议者在皇家宫殿附近举行游行。盖茨部长在返回美国的途中说,他认为巴林领导人是认真地要以真正的政治改革来对抗议活动作出反应。After riding past the site of Friday's large protest and street battle with police, Secretary Gates spent nearly two hours with Bahrains' top leaders, including ten minutes alone with the king. On the flight home, the secretary said the region's leaders need to respond to the protests with more than what he called "baby steps."盖茨乘坐汽车经过了星期五爆发大规模抗议以及和警察进行巷战的地点后,与巴林最高领导人会晤了近两个小时,其中有10分钟是单独与巴林国王会面。盖茨在返回美国的飞机上说,这一地区的领导人需要迈出更大的步伐来回应抗议活动,而不是他所说的“婴孩似的步伐”。"I believe, based on the things that I've heard from the crown prince and the king, that they are prepared to do more than just, as I put it, baby steps," he said.他说:“根据我从皇太子和国王那里所听到的,我认为他们准备要做更多的工作,而不仅如我所说的‘婴孩步伐’。”Secretary Gates urged the Bahraini leaders to respond to their people's political and economic grievances with "real reform." He said they have aly made some changes and would like to move faster with what he called "more far-reaching steps." 盖茨部长敦促巴林领导人以“真正的改革”来对巴林人们在政治和经济上的不满作出反应。他说,他们已经做出了一些改变,并愿意以所谓“更深远的措施”更快地行动。But he said one problem is that some opposition elements have refused to join a dialogue offered by the crown prince, a frustration the prince also expressed to reporters at the start of meeting. Gates said U.S. diplomats have met with opposition leaders to try to convince them to participate in talks.但是盖茨说,目前的一个问题是,一些反对派分子拒绝参加皇太子提议的对话。皇太子在会议的开始也向记者表达了这样失望情绪。盖茨说,美国外交人员与反对派领导人举行了会面,试图说他们参加会谈。 201103/127939昆明连锁牙科医院昆明柏德医疗口腔牙科门诊部牙科中心



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