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英语口语中级训练():游大千世界 -01-7 19::55 来源: Seeing the WorldText AIf someone offered to pay all my expenses a month's holiday anywhere in the world, I would feel very surprised and very excited. It would be difficult to decide where I wanted to go. Should I go to one place or to lots of different places? If I went to one country, I could see and understand a lot about it. If I went to lots of countries, my holiday would be more interesting and more exciting. I think I would decide to fly around the world and to visit three different countries. The countries I would visit would be Australia, the ed States of America and Kenya. If I went to Australia, I would stay there about two weeks. I am sure it would be very interesting to visit a country which is so very different from my own. Bee I went, I would write to one of my Australian friends. I would suggest that if it were possible, he should spend a week with me visiting Aboriginal tribes in the northern part of Australia. I would really like to find out how the Aboriginal people live in Australia today. My friend could explain what we saw and he could translate what people said because he majored in Aboriginal Studies at Queensland University. While I was visiting Australia, I hope I could also see some of the large cities , such as Sydney and Melbourne.If I went to the ed States , I would stay there about a week. I expect I would start by visiting New YorkS. I have heard that New York is a very exciting city. I imagine that there are, lots of tourist attractions, that the buildings are spectacular and that the food is very varied. After I had stayed two or three days in New York, I would fly to San Francisco. I hope I could stay with my relations who live there and I would visit the city and other parts of Calinia.Finally, I would fly to Kenya where I would stay about a week. There are three things I would like to do in Kenya. First , I hope I could visit the coast because I would like to see the old Arab cities and enjoy the beautiful beaches. Next, I would like to visit a Game eserve. I imagine the wild animals of Africa- the lion, elephant and hippopotamus- are very exciting and beautiful. Finally, I would like to visit the Mountains of Kenya where you can see snow on the Equator. If someone offered me this money, I would be amazed. Untunately, I do not think this will ever happen and I doubt if I shall ever visit these countries.Text BAnn started work last summer, so she didn't have a holiday.She saved as much as she could and, in January, she booked a package trip to Rosas, in Spain. She left London airport early on the norning of the-first Saturday in August. She was very excited, as this was her first trip abroad. During the flight they had a snack , and when they arrived at Barcelona airport,a special bus was y to take them to their hotel in Rosas. The weather was beautiful and Ann enjoyed the bus trip.At the hotel, she checked in, and then went to her room to change bee dinner. She was just y to go downstairs, when she found that her Spanish money wasn't in her handbag. She carefully looked in all her luggage, but she couldn't find it. All she had was a small purse with ten English pound notes in it!Ann found a place to change her English money. She had very few pesetas, and she would be here two weeks. On her way back to the hotel, Ann bought some cheese, some b and some oranges. When she got back, she told the manager that her doctor had told her not to eat Spanish food; she'd just have breakfast each day. This was all right , as she knew the price of hotels included breakfast. the rest of her holiday, Ann swam in the hotel swimming-pool, or lay on the beach and got a suntan. She also went long walks with one of the other tourists, a Scottish girl called Jane. However, when the others went to interesting places, she always said she wasn't well. In fact, her holiday wasn't bad, except that she was always hungry. After all, a piece of fruit lunch, and b and cheese supper isn't very much. . . especially not two weeks !Late in the afternoon of their last day, Ann and Jane were on the beach. Jane asked her why she never ate with them in the hotel restaurant. The food was excellent. Ann told her all about her money problems. Jane looked at her a minute, and then said, “But didn't you know? The price of this holiday includes absolutely everything!”Additional InmationTRAVEL BOOKSThere are several ways you can find out aboiit the countries and places you wish to visit. You can talk to friends who have travelled to the places. Or you can go and see a colour film about them. Or you can travel books.It would seem that there are three kinds of travel books. The first are those that give a personal, subjective of travels which the author has actually made himself. If they are inmative and have a good index then they can be useful to you when you are planning your traves. The second kind are those books whose purpose is to give a purely objective description of things to be done and seen.If a well-, cultured person has written such a book then it is even more useful. It can be classified as a selective guide book. The third kind are those books which are called 'a guide' to some place or other. If they are good, they will, in addition to their factual inmation, give an analysis or an interpretation. Like the first kind they can be inspiring and entertaining. But their primary function is to assist the er who wishes to plan in the most practical way.Whatever kind of travel book you choose you must make sure that it does not describe everything as 'marvellous' , 'fabulous' or 'magical' . You must also note its date of publication because travel is a very practical affair and many things change quickly in the twen tieth century. Finally, you should make sure that the contents are well presented and easy to find. 世界 训练 中级 英语口语英语口语:如何用英语说一个姑娘的身材 --7 :57: 来源: 形容高   一般用tall 或者 big   形容矮   一般用small多一点,比喻 个头小   形容胖   这个需要注意谨慎使用fat. fat 在形容人胖的单词中,最通用最直接,带有贬义和不礼貌的色(当然,如果你们关系很好无所谓),类似于汉语里的“肥”单从字面来看就可对比一二 “胖—肥”   形容人胖可以用:   1.chubby(胖嘟嘟的),多指小孩胖乎乎的很可爱   .plump(丰满的,圆润的) 以及buxom(丰满红润的),指充满健康美那种   形容瘦   同样要注意,形容人瘦具有褒义色的是slim(苗条的)或slender(修长的,纤细的)这两个词表示的都是瘦的很好看,很有吸引力   比如:long slender finger---修长纤细的手指(汉语里叫十指如葱)而skinny(骨感的,皮包骨的) 带有一点贬义色   thin中性词,就是客观的表示“瘦,没什么肉”   总结一下:   1. The little girl is so lovely with chubby cheeks.   那个小女孩小脸儿胖嘟嘟的好可爱   .She is a plump woman.   她很丰满匀称   她很苗条   .a slender young woman (回头率指数)   亭亭玉立的年轻女子   5.Melissa is a tall,buxom woman.   Melissa很高挑丰满   如果不想说得那么具体,就想简单的说身材好英语怎么讲?   有两个表达:   ①be in good shape   ②have a good figure.   . You are in good shape.   你身材真棒   . She has a good fit.   她身材不错 英语口语 姑娘 身材唯有美好而正直的心灵,犹如干燥备用的木料,永不走样;纵然整个世界变为灰烬,它依然流光溢Virtue by G.HerbertSweet day,so cool,so calm,so bright! The bridal of the earth and sky-The dew shall weep thy fall to-night; thou must die.Sweet rose,whose hue angry and brave, Bids the rash gazer wipe his eye, Thy root is ever in its grave, And thou must die. Sweet spring,full of sweet days and roses, A box where sweets compacted lie, My music shows ye have your closes, And all must die, Only a sweet and virtuous soul, Like season'd timber,never gives; But though the whole world turn to coal, Then chiefly lives. 6733常用英语900句:关于年龄 About Age -01-7 ::19 来源: About Age 关于年龄196. How old are you? 你多大了?197. I'm twenty-two (years old). 我二十二了198. Mr. Smith is still in his ties. 史密斯先生才四十几岁199. I'm two years younger than my sister. 我比我小两岁0. My elder sister is one year older than her husband. 我比他丈夫大一岁1. He's the youngest in the family. 他是一家中最小的. He looks much younger than he is. 他看起来比他实际上年轻得多. I came here when I was . 我二十岁来这儿. I started school at the age of 6. 我六岁开始上学. My father is over 60 years old. 我父亲已年过六十了. Most of them are less than 30. 他们中大多数不到30岁. I guess he's about 30. 我猜他大概30岁. She's going to be next month. 下个月她就满了. They'll have a party their th wedding anniversary.他们将为结婚十周年开个晚会. He's still a boy after all. 他毕竟还只是个孩子 年龄 关于 英语 常用

日常用语:“老实交代了吧”用英语怎么说? -01-7 19::19 来源: Come 差不多是我们开始学英语时就学到的词,有关come 的妙用我们也曾经介绍一二今天再给大家来介绍几个关于come 的片语1. Come on to 对……轻薄;吃豆腐虽说世界上正人君子还是占多数,不过猥琐下流的男人也不少,这种人就喜欢利用一切机会吃女生的豆腐Come on to 这个片语就是“Make sexual advances 对……轻薄;吃豆腐”的意思:Tanya slapped Bill after he came on to her.Tanya在Bill对她轻薄之后打了他一巴掌She reported her boss coming on to her.她老板轻薄她,被她告发了.Come easily 易如反掌想形容一件事情很容易做到,我们中文里有“易如反掌”这个词,英文里可以用come easily 来表达:Languages come easily to some people.语言学习对有些人来说易如反掌3. Come again 你说什么再说一遍听不清别人的话,想让他再说一遍,我们通常可以说“Pardon?(注意一定是声调)” ,“Would you repeat it?”等等Come again 也可以用来表示这个意思:Come again? I didn‘t quite understand what you said.你说什么?你刚说的话我不明白Come again 还有质疑别人说的话的意思,想想看,当你质疑别人的话时,是不是也常说“你说什么”?.Come clean 全盘托出,招供当你把一件事情向某个人全盘托出的时候,就是come clean了,这个表达法还可以用来描述罪犯“招供”:If you come clean about what happened I will promise to keep it to myself.发生了什么事,你都告诉我,我保不会对别人讲的The criminal decided to come clean.罪犯决定供出事实 英语 怎么 用语 日常

Four-flusher: 诈牌高手 -01-7 00::0 来源: 玩牌戏中,什么人最不可小瞧?当然是那种最能唬人的“诈牌高手”了,运气坏时他们敢下大注、运气好时竟也能下小注,这种真真假假的伎俩往往忽悠的对方不知所措在英语中,这种人有一种专门的称谓:four-flusher Four-flusher源于一种扑克游戏——stud poker(明扑克、俗称“沙蟹”)游戏中,若你手里的5张扑克全是同一花色,这时的牌被称作flush(可译作“同花牌”),胜出的可能性最大也有游戏者,手中的5张牌只有四张为同一花色(此时可称作“four-flush”),但为了迷惑对手让其自我放弃,他们假称自己的牌是flush(“同花”)久而久之,人们就调侃这样的“诈牌者”为four-flusher 随着时间的推移,four-flusher从牌桌上应用到日常生活中,常用来指虚张声势的骗子,其贬义意味较浓 高手 扑克 游戏 同一

8American RevolutionThe American Revolution was not a sudden and violent overturning of the political and social framework, such as later occurred in France and Russia, when both were aly independent nations. Significant changes were ushered in, but they were not breathtaking. What happened was accelerated evolution rather than outright revolution. During the conflict itself people went on working and praying, marrying and playing. Most of them were not seriously disturbed by the actual fighting, and many of the more isolated commies scarcely knew that a war was on.America War of Independence heralded the birth of three modern nations. One was Canada, which received its first large influx of English-speaking population from the thousands of loyalists who fled there from the ed States. Another was Australia, which became a penal colony now that America was no longer available prisoners and debtors. The third newcomer-the ed States-based itself squarely on republican principles.Yet even the political overturn was not so revolutionary as one might suppose. In some states, notably Connecticut and Rhode Island, the war largely ratified a colonial self-rule aly existing. British officials, everywhere ousted, were replaced by a home-grown governing class, which promptly sought a local substitute king and Parliament.

6个美国人日常生活用语 -01-7 00::1 来源: 1. After you.你先请这是一句很常用的客套话,在进/出门,上车得场合你都可以表现一下 . I just couldn't help it.我就是忍不住想想看,这样一个漂亮的句子可用于多少个场合?下面是随意举的一个例子: I was deeply moved by the film and I cried and cried. I just couldn't help it. 3. Don't take it to heart. 别往心里去,别为此而忧虑伤神生活实例: This test isn't that important. Don't take it to heart. . We'd better be off.我们该走了It's getting late. We'd better be off . 5. Let's face it. 面对现实吧常表明说话人不愿意逃避困难的现状 参考例句:I know it's a difficult situation. Let's face it, OK? 6. Let's get started.咱们开始干吧劝导别人时说:Don't just talk. Let's get started. 7. I'm really dead.我真要累死了坦诚自己的感受时说:After all that work, I'm really dead. 8. I've done my best.我已尽力了 9. Is that so? 真是那样吗?常用在一个人听了一件事后表示惊讶、怀疑 . Don't play games with me! 别跟我耍花招! . I don't know sure.我不确切知道 Stranger: Could you tell me how to get to the town hall? Tom: I don't know sure. Maybe you could ask the policeman over there. . I'm not going to kid you.我不是跟你开玩笑的 Karin: You quit the job? You are kidding. Jack: I'm not going to kid you. I'm serious. . That's something. 太好了,太棒了 A: I'm granted a full scholarship this semester. B: Congratulations. That's something. . Brilliant idea!这主意真棒!这主意真高明! . Do you really mean it? 此话当真? Michael:Whenever you are short of money, just come to me. David: Do you really mean it? . You are a great help.你帮了大忙 . I couldn't be more sure. 我再肯定不过 18. I am behind you.我持你 例句:Whatever decision you're going to make, I am behind you. 19. I'm broke.我身无分文 . Mind you!请注意!听着!(也可仅用Mind) 模范例句:Mind you! He's a very nice fellow though bad-tempered. 1. You can count on it.你尽管相信好了,尽管放心 A:Do you think he will come to my birthday party? B: You can count on it. . I never liked it anyway.我一直不太喜欢这东西当朋友或同事不小心摔坏你的东西时就可以用上这句话给他一个台阶,打破尴尬局面: Oh, don't worry. I'm thinking of buying a new one. I never liked it anyway. 3. That depends.看情况再说 例:I may go to the airport to meet her. But that depends. . Congratulations.恭喜你,祝贺你 5. Thanks anyway.无论如何我还是得谢谢你当别人尽力要帮助你却没帮成时,你就可以用这个短语表示谢意 6. It's a deal.一言为定 Harry: Haven't seen you ages. Let's have a get-together next week. Jenny: It's a deal. 用语 国人 you. really

蜂鸟在一切生物中,要算蜂鸟体型最优美、颜色最鲜艳经过工艺加工和各种宝石和金属是无法跟这个大自然的珍宝媲美的大自然照鸟类的大小把它列为最小号,真是"最小的绝妙珍品"这咱小蜂鸟是大自然的杰作大自然把其他鸟类只能分其中一部分的种种天赋全部慷慨地给了它这个小宠儿具有轻盈、敏捷、灵活、优雅以及羽毛绚丽等一切妙外那翠绿的、艳红的、嫩黄色的羽毛闪闪发光蜂鸟从不让它的羽毛沾染尘土,它生活在天空中,一刻也不碰在草皮它总是在空中飞翔,从花丛飞向花丛;它象花一样的新鲜,又象花一样的艳丽蜂鸟靠花蜜为生,它只生活在四季鲜花盛开的地带 乔治·路易·勒史莱尔·布丰 (1) are not comparable to :比不上……的 () this jewel of Nature:这个大自然的珍宝这里作者把美丽无比的蜂鸟比作大自然中的一颗天然珍宝 (3) she :指Nature () in size of :……大小 (5) the order of birds:鸟类 (6) maxime Miranda in minimis:拉丁语 maxime解作"最大", Miranda 解作"值得称羡的东西", minimis 解作"最小" (7) upon it she has heaped all the gifts…:大自然赋予蜂鸟……的一切资质 (8) rich apparel :原义为色鲜艳的衣,这里借喻蜂鸟绚丽的羽毛 (9) emerald:原义绿宝石,这里指翠绿色 () ruby:原义红宝石,这里指艳红色 () topaz:原义黄玉,这里指嫩黄色 () dress:这里借喻蜂鸟的羽毛 639

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