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固原割包皮多少钱泾源县看男科医院固原治梅毒医院 1.Start saving for retirement as early as possible.越早储备自己的退休金越好。 /201002/96832Hong Kong#39;s top court handed down a groundbreaking ruling to allow a transgender woman to marry her boyfriend.香港终审法院做出了一项史无前例的裁决,允许一名变性女子嫁给她的男友。On Monday, the city#39;s court of final appeal said that being transgender--someone whose physical and sexual characteristics may not match their gender identity--shouldn#39;t stop someone from getting wed. The appellant, identified in court documents as #39;W,#39; is a woman in her 30s who underwent sex-reassignment surgery in Hong Kong in 2008.周一,香港终审法院说,变性不该成为阻止一个人结婚的理由。所谓“变性”是指,一个人的生理特征和性特征可能与其性别认同不一致。此案中的上诉人在法庭文件中被称为“W”,是一名30多岁的女子,2008年在香港做了变性手术。In its 4-1 ruling, the court said it was necessary to protect the rights of transgender people. #39;The greatest and most urgent need for constitutional protection is apt to be found among those who form a minority, especially a misunderstood minority,#39; the judgment ran.香港终审法院以4票赞成、1票反对做出这项裁决。法院说有必要保护跨性别人士的权利。裁决说,那些少数人群总是最需要宪法保护,尤其是其中被误解的少数。Furthermore, in defining marriage, the court said, it made no sense to #39;adopt criteria which are fixed at the time of the relevant person#39;s birth and regarded as immutable,#39; the judges wrote. To do so, they said, would be to adopt a #39;blinkered view.#39;此外,法院的法官认为,在对婚姻进行定义时,固守相关人出生时确定的标准并视其为一成不变是毫无道理的。法官说,如果他们这么做等于是抱着“狭隘的观点”。Gay-rights advocates cheered the decision. #39;It#39;s quite absurd that Hong Kong has maintained an obsolete position for so long,#39; said Law Yuk-kai, who heads the Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor. According to documents submitted to the court, postoperative transgender people are aly able to marry in their acquired gender in mainland China, India, Singapore, Japan and South Korea, among other countries in the region.同性恋权利倡导者对这一裁决拍手称快。香港人权监察(Hong Kong Human Rights Monitor)总干事罗沃启说,香港(在这一问题上)长期以来持过时立场非常荒谬。提交至法院的文件显示,做过手术的变性人能够以手术后的性别在中国内地、印度、新加坡、日本和韩国等亚洲多个国家结婚。In Hong Kong, prior to filing her case, #39;W#39; had aly been allowed to carry a passport and identity card identifying her as a woman. She had also been required to use women#39;s facilities in public toilets and sports grounds. However, when she applied to the Registrar of Marriages to marry her boyfriend in 2008, she was denied permission because her birth certificate described her as male.在将案子提交至法院前,W在香港已经被允许携带性别显示为“女”的护照和身份。她也需在公共厕所和运动场所使用女性设施。然而,当她在2008年向婚姻登记处申请嫁给她的男友时遭到拒绝,因为她的出生明上性别为“男”。The court#39;s Monday ruling said that in Hong Kong, as well as in many developed nations, there have #39;clearly been far-reaching changes to the nature of marriage as a social institution.#39; The city doesn#39;t currently recognize same-sex marriage, but Waiwai Yeo of the Women Coalition of Hong Kong, which represents lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, said that this week#39;s ruling gave her some hope.香港终审法院在周一做出的裁决说,在香港,以及在很多发达国家,婚姻作为一种社会制度,其本质显然已经发生了具有深远影响的改变。香港目前还不认可同性婚姻,但是香港女同盟会(Women Coalition of Hong Kong)的杨炜炜说,法院本周做出的裁决给了她一丝希望。香港女同盟会代表女同性恋、双性恋和变性妇女的权益。According to Ms. Yeo, there are about 200 people who have undergone sex-reassignment surgery in Hong Kong. #39;But this figure can#39;t represent the real number of people having surgery,#39; says Ms. Yeo, given that some seek the treatment overseas, such as in Thailand, in part out of social stigma attached to the procedure.杨炜炜说,在香港大约有200人做过变性手术。但她说这一数字不能代表实际做过变性手术的人的数量,因为一些人选择在泰国等海外做手术。部分原因是社会对变性手术存在负面看法。Hong Kong#39;s first documented case of sex reassignment took place in 1981. According to figures submitted to the court, from 2007 to 2009, there were 86 patients in the city diagnosed with what physicians term gender identity disorder.香港首例记录在案的变性手术是在1981年进行的。据向法院提交的数字显示,从2007年到2009年,香港有86名患者被确诊为存在性别认同障碍。 /201305/239855固原市中心医院治疗性功能障碍多少钱

隆德县人民医院看男科好吗China#39;s largest listed commercial bank has agreed its first financing deal for a Russian infrastructure pro-ject, in the latest agreement to highlight the growing investment relationship between the two countries.中国最大的上市商业已达成首笔针对俄罗斯基建项目的融资协议,这一交易突显中俄两国投资关系不断发展。Industrial and Commercial Bank of Chinawill provide bn of financing to build a power plant at Yaroslavl to the north-east of Moscow, said bankers and advisers.据家和顾问们透露,中国工商(IC)将提供10亿美元融资,用于在莫斯科东北方向上的雅罗斯拉夫尔(Yaroslavl)建造一座发电厂。The borrower is a joint venture between Huadian, the Chinese sponsor, and Territorial Generation Company, a Russian energy business. Chinese manufacturers will supply the plant#39;s generation equipment.借款方是项目发起人、中国的华电(Huadian)与俄罗斯能源企业“领土发电公司”(Territorial Generation Company)的合资公司。中国制造商将供应这家电厂的发电设备。China#39;s ability to build faster and cheaper than competitors was a leading reason the Chinese were given the contract. Chinese banks are also said to be considering financing a power station in the Russian far east and other infrastructure projects, insiders said.与竞争对手相比,中方能够更快、更低成本地从事建造,这是中方得到合同的首要原因。知情人士称,中资据说也在考虑为俄罗斯远东的一座发电厂以及其它基础设施项目提供融资。The Yaroslavl deal is separate from agreements signed in June by Vladimir Putin, Russian president, and Hu Jintao, his Chinese counterpart, in Beijing. But it is seen as a significant development in relations between the two countries as it provides funding for Russian infrastructure development.雅罗斯拉夫尔交易并不在俄罗斯总统弗拉基米尔?普京(Vladimir Putin)与中国国家主席胡锦涛6月份在北京签署的一揽子协议之列。但这笔交易被视为两国关系中的一项重大发展,因为它为俄罗斯的基础设施建设提供资金。“Long-term, the Russians need to diversify their economy,” a senior Chinese investment official said. “But the investment environment is not mature and foreign investors, including the Chinese, have little understanding of Russia. The good way [to handle such investments] is to work with the government.”“长远而言,俄罗斯需要推动经济多元化,”中国一名高级投资官员表示。“但目前投资环境不成熟,包括中方在内的外国投资者对俄罗斯了解甚少。与政府开展合作是(处理此类投资的)一种不错的方式。”For China, the relationship – which has historically been characterised by mutual suspicion and strategic rivalry – could mean more secure supplies of everything from fuel to timber. For the Russians, any foreign investment is welcome at a time when oil revenues are falling in line with a drop in oil prices.对中国来说,中俄关系(历史上以相互猜疑和战略竞争为特征)可能意味着从燃料到木材的各种资源的更可靠供应。对俄罗斯来说,在石油收入跟随油价下滑之际,任何外国投资都是一件好事。As part of the strengthening ties between the two countries, China Investment Corp,the country#39;s sovereign wealth fund, will make its first investment in coming months using a bn Russia-China Fund, created in October.作为加强中俄关系的一部分,中国主权财富基金中投公司(CIC)将在未来数月内利用去年10月创建的20亿美元中俄投资基金,作出首笔投资。The initiative is part of a growing trend within the Bric group of emerging nations – Brazil, Russia, India and China – to increase dialogue and capital flows between themselves.此举是金砖(Bric)新兴国家——巴西、俄罗斯、印度和中国——增加彼此间对话和资本流动的趋势的一部分。CIC has also bought a 5 per cent stake in Russia#39;s Polyus Gold, the largest gold producer in the country, for about 5m. The deal was struck alongside local bank VTB, in which CIC also has a stake.中投公司还斥资大约4.25亿美元,购得俄罗斯最大黄金生产商极地黄金公司(Polyus Gold) 5%股份。这笔交易是与俄罗斯外贸(VTB)合作达成的,中投在该也持有股份。A string of deals were signed when Mr Putin visited Beijing but data from Russia#39;s central bank show that investment flows remain small.普京访问北京之际,两国签署了一连串协议,但俄罗斯央行的数据显示,中俄投资流动仍较小。Russia invested just m in China in 2011, with 2m going in the opposite direction.2011年,俄方仅在中国投资2000万美元,而中方在俄罗斯投资1.82亿美元。But those numbers are poised to increase, fund officials on both sides say, as Moscow steps up its courtship of CIC and other sovereign wealth funds in Asia.但两国的基金官员们表示,随着俄罗斯方面加强吸引中投公司和亚洲其它主权财富基金,这些数字注定会增加。  /201306/245872吉县人民医院男科预约 固原彭阳县治疗包皮包茎哪家医院最好

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