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Chefs David Hertz from Brazil and Italian Massimo Bottura, aided by more than 40 colleagues from around the world, aim to turn surplus food from the village in Rio de Janeiro into some 5,000 nutritious meals per day for those in need.巴西厨师大卫#8226;赫兹和意大利厨师马西莫#8226;图拉希望在来自世界各地的四十多名厨师的帮助下,每日能将里约奥运村的多余食物烹制成大约5000道营养美味的佳肴,提供给需要食物的贫民。The initiative, RefettoRio Gastromotiva, follows a similar project, Refettorio Ambrosiano, launched by the two chefs during the Milan Expo in Italy last year.此次活动名为RefettoRio Gastromotiva,灵感来源于去年意大利米兰世会期间由两名厨师发起的一个名为Refettorio Ambrosiano的类似项目。;RefettoRio Gastromotiva is going to work only with ingredients that are about to be wasted ... like ugly fruit and vegetables, or yoghurt that is going to be wasted in two days if you don#39;t buy it,; Hertz told the reporters.大厨赫兹告诉记者:“RefettoRio Gastromotiva项目使用的原料都是奥运村里不用的食材,例如品相不佳的水果蔬菜,或者是还有两天就会过期的酸奶。”Those benefiting will be disadvantaged people, including the homeless and others in need, he added.他补充道,此次活动的受益者是包括流浪者和其他需要帮助的弱势群体。;We want to fight hunger and provide access to good food,; Hertz said in a telephone interview from Rio.赫兹表示:“我们想战胜饥饿,为人们提供美食。”Between 30 percent and 40 percent of food produced around the world is never eaten because it is spoiled after harvest and during transportation, or thrown away by shops and consumers.全世界生产的30%至40%的食物都会被浪费掉,因为它们会在收获之后或是运输过程中变质,或者是被商店和消费者扔掉。Yet almost 800 million people worldwide go to bed hungry every night, according to UN figures.然而联合国数据显示,世界上有8亿人仍食不果腹,每晚饿着肚子睡觉。In Brazil, hunger dropped to under 5 percent of the population in 2015 from almost 15 percent in 1990, UN data shows. Yet in the country of 208 million people, that means millions still don#39;t have enough food.联合国数据显示,1990年巴西有将近15%的人口都处在饥饿困境中,2015年该数字降到了5%以下。然而在这个拥有2.08亿人口的国家,这意味着仍有数百万民众无法得到充足的食物。Hertz said he would like to see the initiative replicated in every city hosting the Olympics in future. He hopes it will become a movement not only to fight food waste and feed the hungry, but also to provide vocational training for future cooks, bakers and waiters.赫兹说他希望未来每一个举办奥运会的城市都能开展这个活动。他希望这项活动不仅能成为一个反对食物浪费和帮助贫民的运动,而且还能为未来的厨师、糕点师以及务员提供短期培训的机会。;After the Olympics and the Paralympics, this place will continue as a social business,; he said.他表示:“奥运会和残奥会之后,这个地方将会继续运营。”Customers at the restaurant will help a person in need with every meal they buy, he added.他补充道,顾客的每一份消费都会帮助到有需要的人。As many as 500,000 visitors are expected to travel to Brazil for the 31st Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the first Olympics in South America.本次巴西里约热内卢举办的第31届夏季奥运会,是首次在南美洲举行的奥运会,将有望吸引50万游客来巴西游览。 /201608/459568A man in his sixties climbed the cables of the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan, Hubei province. Standing 30 meters above the deck of the bridge, the man threatened to jump.据报道,湖北武汉一名六旬男子日前爬上了长江二桥斜拉索,站到离桥面约30米的地方,声称要跳桥。Police and firefighters sent for a ladder to coax the man down, but not before the incident caused a major traffic jam along several main streets, which lasted for over three hours.民警、消防赶到现场救援,并出动云梯施救。这起事故导致多处道路交通拥堵近3个小时。Many people posted updates about the incident on social media. After rescuers communicated with the man, he eventually agreed to climb down the ladder.许多目击者纷纷将这起事件发微微信朋友圈。经过救援人员与这名男子沟通劝告,他才慢慢同意爬下云梯。The rescue equipment occupied three lanes on the bridge, temporarily paralyzing the major transportation junction.消防云梯车等救援设备占据了桥面3股车道,使得长江二桥这一重要交通枢纽瘫痪。It was later discovered that, prior to his attempt over the weekend, the man had previously climbed the bridge two other times, deliberately causing a scene to draw attention to labor disputes.经事后调查发现,这已经是他第3次试图跳桥了,该名男子之前曾两次爬上长江二桥斜拉索跳桥,因劳动纠纷故意引起公众注意。The other two incidents occurred in October 2012 and September 2013. The man was punished with five days of administrative detention after disturbing public order for the second time.2012年10月8日和2013年9月3日,该男子曾两次爬上长江二桥斜拉索跳桥。2013年9月4日,他因扰乱公共秩序被处以行政拘留5日的处罚。The official microblog account of the local police department released news of his punishment: 10 days of administrative detention for disturbing public order.随后,当地警方通过微公布了此次对该男子的处罚结果,以扰乱公共秩序依法对其处以行政拘留10日。 /201611/480168Imax, the big screen cinema group, has struck a deal with a subsidiary of Dalian Wanda, the property and media group controlled by Wang Jianlin, China’s richest man, to build 150 screens in China over the next six years.巨幕影院集团Imax与大连万达(Dalian Wanda)旗下子公司达成协议,未来6年将在中国建立150块巨幕。大连万达是一家房地产与媒体集团,由中国首富王健林管理。The deal is the latest sign of Wanda’s growing global ambitions in cinema.这笔协议是万达不断增长的全球电影业雄心的最新迹象。Imax has 335 screens in China and a backlog of 407, including the new screens from Wanda. Rich Gelfond, chief executive, said the expansion would generate significant box office returns for movie studios in Hollywood and China.Imax在中国已拥有有335块屏幕,还有407块屏幕待建,其中包括此次与万达签订的新屏幕。Imax首席执行官理查德#8226;葛尔方(Richard Gelfond)表示这一扩张将为好莱坞和中国的电影公司带来可观的票房回报。Mr Gelfond said China’s cinema market had continued to grow even as the country’s economy had slowed. “In absolute numbers, it’s the fastest growth market in the world. If you compare the number of visits that Chinese people make to the movies compared with other parts of the world, it’s still a fairly embryonic market. So there’s a lot of organic growth to get.”葛尔方表示,虽然中国经济增速放缓,但中国电影市场一直持续增长。“以绝对数字计算,它是全球增长最快的市场。如果将中国人观影次数与其他国家相比,该市场还处于相当初期的阶段,因此还有大量内部增长空间。”The box office prospects for 2017 would make it a “special year” with sequels to several big blockbusters in the pipeline, he added. “There will be sequels to Star Wars, Jurassic World, Fast and Furious#8201;.#8201;.#8201;.#8201;it’s looking very strong.”葛尔方还表示,2017年的票房前景将这一年成为“特殊的一年”,有几部大片的续集正在进行中。“将上映续集的电影包括《星球大战》(Star Wars)、《侏罗纪公园》(Jurassic World)、《速度与》(Fast and Furious#8201;)……票房前景极为光明。”John Zeng, president of Wanda Cinema Line, said the partnership would “foster the incredible expansion of China’s film industry and bring even more blockbuster films to Chinese movie-goers”.万达院线(Wanda Cinema Line)总裁曾茂军(John Zeng)表示,此次合作将“促进中国电影产业的飞速扩展,将更多震撼大片带给中国观众。”Imax and Wanda have collaborated on a number of Mandarin-language box office movies including Man of Tai Chi, Go Away Mr Tumor and Mojin: The Lost Legend, Imax’s top-grossing local-language film.Imax与万达已合作了一批华语卖座影片,包括《太极侠》(Man of Tai Chi)、《滚蛋吧肿瘤君》(Go Away Mr Tumor),以及Imax华语影片票房最高的《寻龙诀》(Mojin: The Lost Legend)。 /201608/458755

The general running the coalition’s ground campaign in Iraq is urging Iraqi forces fighting for Mosul not to ;go so fast that they start to give opportunity to the enemy.;驻伊拉克联军陆地行动指挥官呼吁伊拉克军队在苏尔之战中不要急于求成,给敌人可乘之机。;I’m not telling the Iraqis not to rush to Mosul. I’m telling them you’ve got the momentum, sustain the momentum, continue to put unrelenting pressure on the enemy and then the enemy is going to break,; Maj. Gen. Gary Volesky told reporters via teleconference from Baghdad Wednesday.美国陆军少将加里#8729;沃拉斯基星期三在巴格达通过电话会议告诉媒体说,“我不是让伊拉克部队不向苏尔推进,我是告诉他们,你们已经掌握了势头,要保持现有势头,继续向敌人施加压力, 敌人终将溃败。”The general said he expects Islamic State fighters to fight with a ;full-fledged conventional defense in Mosul; until they lose the city. After that, he said, IS will turn into more of an insurgent force, using unconventional methods to make harassing attacks on Iraqis forces and civilians.沃拉斯基将军说,他预计伊斯兰国武装分子在失去苏尔前一定会进行一场全面常规守卫战 ,然后他们会作为反叛力量,利用非常规手段向伊拉克军队和平民发动扰乱袭击。The U.S. has provided intelligence, logistics support, thousands of airstrikes, artillery fire and Apache helicopters to support the fight for Mosul. However, that fight is not the general’s sole focus. Volesky said some of his American forces are intentionally in other areas of Iraq to prevent any potential Islamic State efforts to shift the Iraqi government’s interest to the country’s south.美国通过情报,后勤,空袭,炮火和阿帕奇直升机为苏尔之战提供援,不过沃拉斯基将军说,苏尔之战并非他的唯一重点。美国军人也被派往伊拉克其他地方,避免伊斯兰国组织试图把伊拉克政府的注意力引向伊拉克南部。Meanwhile, the international charity Save the Children says thousands of people have fled the Mosul area in order to escape the unfolding offensive by Iraqi and Kurdish forces to retake the city from Islamic State militants. The aid group said about 5,000 people have arrived in the past 10 days at a refugee camp over the border in Syria, which risks being overwhelmed as more people flee.与此同时,国际慈善组织拯救儿童会说,在伊拉克与库尔德部队向占领苏尔的伊斯兰国武装分子发动进攻、重夺城市控制权之际,数以千计的人逃离苏尔地区。这个救援组织说,已有大约5000人在过去10天内抵达伊拉克和叙利亚边境地带的一个难民营。目前仍不断有难民涌入,因此该难民营恐怕将不堪负荷。 /201610/473554

The municipal government of Beijing will move to the suburban district of Tongzhou at the end of 2017, a high-ranking official said on Monday.周一,一位高级官员表示,北京市政府将会于2017年年底搬至近郊通州区。About 400,000 people will move to Tongzhou in the relocation, which President Xi Jinping ordered during an inspection of the capital two years ago, said Li Shixiang, a National People#39;s Congress deputy and executive vice-mayor of Beijing.全国人大代表、北京市常务副市长李士祥近日表示,习近平主席在两年前的一次首都视察工作时作出指示,要求约40万人从城区向通州疏解。This was the first time Beijing officials have released a timetable for the relocation that aims to make room for the central government in downtown areas.本次也是北京市官员首次透露搬迁时间表。这次搬迁的目的是给中央政府在市中心腾出空间。Along with the municipal government, the Beijing Committee of the Communist Party of China, the People#39;s Congress of Beijing, and the Beijing Committee of Chinese People#39;s Political Consultative Conference will also move to the new location, Li said. These are the four components of China#39;s political structure.李士祥表示,除了北京市市政府,中共中央北京市市委、北京市人民代表大会、中国人民政治协商会议北京委员会这几套机构也将会搬到新址。这些机构也是中国政治结构的四大组成部分。The municipal government, meanwhile, plans to focus on construction of three new towns in the districts of Daxing, Changping and Shunyi to accommodate those moved from downtown districts.与此同时,北京市市政府计划集中建设大兴、顺义、昌平三个新城,以承接从中心城区向外疏解的人口。Li said some low-impact industries aly have been moved or demolished. ;By the end of last year, the city shut down industrial enterprises and relocated 220 wholesale markets,; he said.李士祥表示,一些低端行业已经被搬离或拆除。他说:“截至去年年底,全市关闭了多家工业企业,并搬迁了220个批发市场。” /201603/430693

More than 1m Chinese will go on a cruise holiday this year — nearly five times as many as in 2012 — a statistic that has whipped the global industry into a record expansion of ship orders and a collective decision to sail the world’s largest and most luxurious mega-vessels eastward.今年,将有100万以上的中国人乘坐邮轮度假——较2012年增加近4倍——这一数字促使全球邮轮业创下了新增船舶订单记录,同时使得邮轮公司纷纷作出决定,将全球最大最豪华的巨型邮轮驶向东方。But the optimism of the cruise companies may be outpacing the reality of the Chinese boom: travel agents have had to deeply discount in order to fill some new ships.但是,邮轮公司对中国邮轮旅游热的乐观预期或许超前于现实了:旅行社得打极低折扣才能保一些新邮轮的入住率。Ship brokers tracking the past two decades of market activity say that in recent months, global cruise ship investment has entered a new phase. But that observation comes with warnings from the past — explosive expansions of the cruise order book in 1999 and 2006 were followed by equally spectacular busts.追踪了该行业过去二十年市场活动的船舶经纪商称,最近几个月,全球邮轮投资进入了一个新阶段。但与此同时,过去的经验也向我们发出了警告——1999年和2006年邮轮订单爆炸性增长后,都曾出现惨烈的订单萎缩。The traditional market will continue to depend on the retirement spending of baby boomers in the west but the growth outlook will be shaped by an Asian middle class bursting to spend their money and comparatively short vacations at sea. The question this time is whether the establishment of new Chinese brands and the development of Asian ports will make for a less bust-prone pattern.传统市场将继续依赖于西方婴儿潮一代退休人士的出,但是该行业的增长前景将由渴望把钱和相对较短的假期花在海上的亚洲中产阶级决定。眼下的问题是,中国新品牌的创建和亚洲港口的开发是否将有助于创建一种不那么容易破灭的发展模式。After an unprecedented 50 per cent year-on-year surge of orders in 2015, the market is expected to add an additional 146,000 passenger berths by 2020.在2015年订单前所未有地同比大增50%之后,预计到2020年该市场将增加14.6万个铺位。North American and European passengers account for 85 per cent of the global cruise market of 22m passengers a year. But the signals of change are clear.北美和欧洲乘客占据着全球邮轮市场每年2200万乘客的85%。但是,如今已经出现了明显的改变信号。The Chinese government has thrown its weight behind the cruise industry and expects that 4.5m of its citizens will be taking a cruise each year by 2020. A more conservative prediction from Morgan Stanley, the investment bank, is for 3m annual passengers, or 10 per cent of the market.中国政府持邮轮业发展,它预计到2020年,每年将有450万中国人乘坐邮轮。投行根士丹利(Morgan Stanley)所做的较为保守的预测是,中国每年将有300万人乘坐邮轮,占全球邮轮市场的10%。In South Korea and Japan, which are a few days’ sea voyage from Shanghai and Tianjin, local ports are racing to expand their facilities to accommodate the new class of mega-ships, which could carry more than 6,000 passengers.在韩国和日本(从上海和天津出发,走海路只需几天就能到达),各地方港口正竞相扩建基础设施,以容纳可搭载逾6000名乘客的新型巨轮。The major cruise companies, led by Carnival and Royal Caribbean, which together account for 80 per cent of the Chinese market, have begun sending new vessels to be permanently based in the east and fitted out with more shopping, more casinos and enclosed sun decks to tailor to local needs.以嘉年华公司(Carnival)和皇家加勒比邮轮集团(Royal Caribbean)——两家公司总共占据了中国市场80%的份额——为首的主要邮轮公司,已经开始派遣新邮轮常驻东方,同时配备了更多的购物场所、以及封闭式日光浴场以满足当地需求。Last week, Carnival doubled the number of its cruise brands in China to four, with two new ships arriving by 2017. Arnold Donald, chief executive, says the company wanted to offer “choice and variety” to match “the different tastes and preferences of Chinese travellers”.日前,嘉年华公司将其在中国的邮轮品牌增加一倍至4个,到2017年还将有2艘新邮轮抵达中国。其首席执行官阿诺德唐纳德(Arnold Donald)称,该公司希望提供“多种多样的选择”,以满足“中国旅客不同的品味和偏好”。He adds that Carnival may also launch a joint venture with the China State Shipbuilding Corporation and China Merchants Group to build a domestic Chinese cruise brand.他补充称,嘉年华可能还将与中国船舶工业集团公司(China State Shipbuilding Corporation)和中国招商局集团(China Merchants Group)共同创办一家合资企业,来打造中国本土邮轮品牌。Royal Caribbean has sent its most advanced ships to China, complete with high-speed internet, smart bracelets for payments, a 300ft high viewing pod, robot bartenders, a rock climbing wall, bumper cars and a skydiving wind tunnel, in order to appeal to every generation of Chinese families.皇家加勒比已经将其最先进的邮轮派往中国,船上配有高速网络、智能付手环、300英尺高的摇臂观景舱、机器人调酒师、攀岩墙、碰碰车以及可玩甲板跳伞的垂直风洞,以吸引中国家庭中各代人的兴趣。The clearest evidence of the shift, say researchers at the UK-based brokerage Clarksons, has been orders for cruise ships hitting an all-time high. The worldwide order-book as of September 1 stands at 41 ships, with a combined value of about bn. Once financing and technical issues are settled on orders placed by Celebrity, Virgin, MSC and Crystal — probably within the next few months — the total will jump to 51.总部位于英国的船舶经纪商Clarksons的研究员称,这一转变最明显的据是邮轮订单创下历史新高。截至9月1日,全球邮轮订单量为41艘,总价值约为260亿美元。一旦精致邮轮(Celebrity)、维珍邮轮(Virgin)、地中海邮轮(MSC)、水晶邮轮(Crystal)所下订单的融资和技术问题得以解决——很可能在未来数月内解决——全球邮轮订单总数将增至51艘。In the southern Japanese town of Fukuoka — a destination that has proven popular as a destination for Chinese shoppers — the port operator is lobbying the central Japanese government to allow it to extend the jetties by an additional 330 metres to accommodate the new Oasis class of cruise ship. Of the 1m Chinese forecast to take a cruise some time in 2015, about a quarter called at Fukuoka. A year ago, the port received 99 cruise ships; this year it will receive 251.在日本南部的福冈——受到中国购物者喜爱的目的地——港口运营商正游说日本中央政府允许其将码头额外扩宽330米,以容纳新型绿洲级邮轮。预计2015年将有100万中国游客搭乘邮轮,其中约有四分之一的人停靠福冈。一年前,该港口接待了99艘邮轮;而今年将接待251艘。Gianni Onorato, chief executive of Switzerland-based MSC Cruises, warned that the pace of investment might not be rapid enough.总部位于瑞士的地中海邮轮的首席执行官詹尼攠诺拉托(Gianni Onorato)警告称,投资速度或许还不够快。“For sure there will be these millions of Chinese taking a cruise. The main challenge is about not so much the development of ports and destinations inside China, but outside of China,” he says. “Because of the geography it depends on Japan and Korea and so far no one is seeing the same speed of development.”“肯定将会有数百万中国游客搭乘邮轮。主要的挑战不在于中国国内港口和旅游目的地的开发,而在于中国以外的,”他称,“由于地理位置的关系,这将取决于日本和韩国在这方面的开发,而到目前为止这两个国家还没有出现同样的开发速度。”Relying on China is also a potentially risky strategy. Several ships had to cancel their cruises to South Korea, one of a handful of key destinations, after an outbreak of the Mers virus this year. And the anti-Japan riots of 2012 caused havoc with itineraries. Royal Caribbean did not visit any Japanese ports during spring and summer 2013.依靠中国市场也是一个存在潜在风险的策略。今年在MERS疫情爆发后,一些邮轮不得不取消其前往韩国(为数不多的主要目的地之一)的行程。而2012年的反日风波严重影响了部分邮轮的行程。2013年春夏两季,皇家加勒比的邮轮没有停靠过任何一个日本港口。Another big challenge, however, will be adapting their offering to the Chinese tastes. Mr Onorato, for example, pointed out that food is a key part of Chinese culture but consumers take a different approach to their western counterparts. “There is no clear separation of breakfast, lunch and dinner,” he says, adding that the company is partnering with leading chefs to modify its food service.然而,另一个重大挑战将是如何提供符合中国人喜好的务。例如,奥诺拉托指出,吃是中国文化的关键组成部分,但是中国消费者的餐饮习惯又与西方人不同。“中国的早餐、午餐和完成没有明显的区分,”他表示,并补充称地中海邮轮正在与中国顶尖的厨师合作调整其餐饮务。Mr Onorato adds that MSC is creating a new position of “cruise ambassador”, a person who would act as a “tutor of small groups of customers” and accompany them throughout a trip. The company is “working now with two main partners for sourcing of crew and training”.奥诺拉托补充道,地中海邮轮正在打造“游轮使者”的全新职位——使者们将“指导和照顾一组组顾客”,全程陪伴他们。该公司如今有“两个主要合作伙伴,帮助它招聘人员和开展培训”。 /201510/404920

Battling a decline in Chinese visitors and competing with much bigger rivals in mainland China, the Hong Kong government and the Walt Disney Company are pumping .4bn into the city’s lossmaking Disneyland theme park in a bet that new attractions can revive its fortunes.为应对中国内地游客减少以及与内地规模大得多的竞争对手竞争,香港政府和华特迪士尼公司(Walt Disney Company)将向亏损的香港迪士尼乐园(Disneyland)投资14亿美元,以期新游乐设施能让乐园重现辉煌。The joint owners of the 11-year-old theme park said on Tuesday that they planned to revamp the Disney castle and add a range of new zones from 2018 to 2023 based around the Marvel super heroes and Frozen, the hit film.香港迪士尼乐园已有11年历史,归香港政府和华特迪士尼公司双方所有。这两方在周二表示,计划在2018年至2023年间翻新迪士尼城堡,并基于漫威(Marvel)的超级英雄角色和卖座大片《冰雪奇缘》(Frozen)增加一系列新的主题园区。“The expansion and development plan will enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong Disneyland and the attractiveness of Hong Kong as a premier tourist destination,” the government, which owns 53 per cent of the park, said in a statement.香港政府在一份声明中表示:“扩建及发展计划……将提升乐园的竞争力,以及增加香港作为首选旅游目的地的吸引力。”香港政府持有该乐园53%的股份。Gregory So, Hong Kong’s commerce secretary, said he hoped the investment would help “attract more high-spending and overnight visitors from more diversified market sources” including Southeast Asia.香港商务及经济发展局局长苏锦梁(Gregory So)表示,他希望此次投资将有助于“吸引更多高消费、过夜及不同市场旅客访港”,包括吸引东南亚旅客。Last year, Hong Kong Disneyland reported its first annual loss since 2011, with visitor numbers dropping 9 per cent as political tensions between Hong Kong and Beijing deterred mainland tourists from travelling to the semi-autonomous Chinese territory.去年,香港迪士尼乐园出现自2011年以来的首次年度亏损,游客数量下降9%,原因是香港与北京之间政治关系紧张导致内地游客不愿来这块半自治中国领土旅游。That trend has continued, with the number of mainland Chinese visiting Hong Kong falling 9 per cent to 32m in the year to September, compared with the same period a year earlier.这种趋势依然在持续之中,在截至今年9月的一年里,来港旅游的内地游客人数同比下降9%,至3200万人。The challenges facing the Hong Kong theme park have intensified this year, with the opening of mainland China’s first Disneyland — which is three times bigger — in Shanghai in June.香港迪士尼乐园面临的挑战今年加剧——中国内地首家迪士尼乐园今年6月在上海开园,规模是香港迪士尼的3倍。Other theme park operators in China, including Dalian Wanda and Chimelong, have also been expanding rapidly, providing yet more competition.包括大连万达(Dalian Wanda)和长隆集团(Chimelong)在内的中国其他主题公园运营商也一直在迅速扩张,加剧了竞争。The new investment at Hong Kong Disneyland will be funded proportionally by the joint venture partners, and the Hong Kong government will have to seek approval from the city’s querulous legislative council for its 0m share.香港迪士尼乐园的新投资将由合资双方股东按股份比例出资,香港政府将不得不就其7.5亿美元的出资份额寻求爱挑刺的香港立法会予以批准。The government said the expansion works would create 3,500 construction jobs with 600 full-time positions added at the revamped park once it is finished.香港政府表示,扩建工程将创造3500个建筑岗位,而且在完工后还会增加600个全职职位。Kenneth Leung, an opposition member of the legislative council, said the facilities at the park were “ageing” and that it needs to attract more teenagers, rather than just young children, so the Marvel attractions might help.香港立法会反对派议员梁继昌(Kenneth Leung)表示,迪士尼乐园的设施已经“老化”,它需要吸引更多的青少年,而非只是儿童,因此漫威超级英雄主题园区可能有所帮助。He said the government’s share of the investment was “not an unreasonable amount of capital expenditure” but that upgrading hardware alone “would not do the trick unless Hong Kong Disneyland can build up a strong international image”.他说,香港政府的投资份额“并非不合理的资本出金额”,但仅仅升级硬件“将达不到目的,除非香港迪士尼能够打造强大的国际形象”。Ronald Wu, a committee member from the Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents, said he hoped the expansion would increase overnight stays in the territory.香港旅行社协会(Hong Kong Association of Travel Agents)执委会成员胡景豪(Ronald Wu)表示,他希望扩建后的香港迪士尼乐园将增加香港的过夜游客数量。He added that Disney would try to ensure that its parks in Hong Kong and Shanghai do not cannibalise each other.他补充称,迪士尼公司将努力确保香港和上海的迪士尼乐园不会彼此拆台。“I believe the Walt Disney Company has planned it out thoroughly,” he said. “It wouldn’t want direct competition between the two parks.”他说:“我相信华特迪士尼公司做了全面规划。它不会希望两园直接竞争。” /201611/479818China’s construction equipment makers are ramping up the competition against global leaders such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Deere and appear set to discount products to build market share, a new study has found.一份新的研究报告显示,中国建筑设备制造商正在加大与卡特彼勒(Caterpillar)、小松(Komatsu)和迪尔(Deere)等全球领军者的竞争,而且似乎打算通过低价来抢占市场份额。The Chinese companies — which include Sany, Zoomlion and XCMG — are likely to boost their market share outside China to around 15 per cent by 2025, up from an estimated 7 per cent currently (see chart), according to research by UBS Evidence Lab, which surveyed about 15,000 construction equipment dealerships around the world.UBS Evidence Lab的研究显示,到2025年,包括三一重工(Sany Heavy)、中联重科(Zoomlion)和徐工机械(XCMG)在内的中国公司在海外占有的市场份额可能将提高至15%左右,超过当前估计的7%(见图表)。UBS Evidence Lab对世界各地的约1.5万家建筑设备经销商进行了调查。“We think the Chinese are making moves to expand further into the west and we think they have a very good chance to take market share, if they are fully committed to doing so,” said Steven Fisher, UBS analyst.瑞银(UBS)分析师史蒂文#8226;费希尔(Steven Fisher)表示:“我们认为中国人正在采取行动,向西方市场进一步扩张,我们认为如果它们全力以赴的话,它们很可能可以抢占市场份额。”He said that the biggest competitive advantage of the Chinese companies was a relatively low cost base that allowed them to offer discounts in the region of 15 to 40 per cent to equivalent premium brand equipment.他说,中国公司最大的竞争优势在于相对较低的成本,这让它们能够在西方市场上提供比高端品牌相同配置产品低15%至40%的价格。This will allow them to take market share in Europe and the US, where the presence of Chinese brands in dealerships remains fairly scarce. The biggest operational challenge for the Chinese, Mr Fisher said, lies in providing aftersales support to dealerships, especially by ensuring that spare parts are supplied quickly and in sufficient quantity.这将让它们能够在欧洲和美国抢占市场份额——目前在欧美,中国品牌在经销商处仍然比较少见。费舍尔表示,中国人面临的最大的运营挑战在于为经销商提供售后持,尤其是确保能够迅速地供应足够多配件。“We don’t generally assume that Chinese products are going head to head with Caterpillar and Deere,” Mr Fisher added. “But our point is that a discount on a base level product can end up applying pressure further up the chain.”费舍尔补充称:“总体而言,我们不认为中国产品会与卡特彼勒和迪尔正面竞争,但我们认为,基础级产品的较低价格可能最终对更高端产品构成压力。”The UBS Evidence Lab found in its survey of the 15,000 dealerships that Chinese manufacturers “have increased interest in expanding more aggressively” and — if they maintain this — may be able to scoop up about 1 per cent in market share outside China per year over the next decade.UBS Evidence Lab在对1.5万家经销商调查后发现,中国制造商“对实施更激进的扩张产生了更浓厚的兴趣”,如果它们保持这种兴趣的话,今后十年就可能每年在海外抢占大约1%的市场份额。The effect of this would be a reduction in the available profit pool for western giants such as Caterpillar, Metso, Komatsu, Sandvik, Volvo, Deere, Terex and others, the UBS research report said.瑞银的研究报告显示,随之而来的影响将是卡特彼勒、美卓公司(Metso)、小松、山特维克(Sandvik)、沃尔沃(Volvo)、迪尔、特雷克斯(Terex)等西方巨头的利润被分走一杯羹。However, the challenges before the Chinese companies in terms of market dynamics appear considerable. In the US, for instance, Chinese brands had only a 3.7 per cent presence in the dealerships surveyed (see map), defining a struggle for brand recognition. “Presence” in the survey was measured by the proportion of points of sale for Chinese brands versus other brands sold in dealerships.然而,就市场情况来看,中国公司面临的挑战似乎非常大。例如,在美国,中国品牌在受访经销商中只有3.7%的“存在感”,表明品牌认知度非常低。调查中的“存在感”是通过中国品牌销售点所占比例来衡量的,与其形成对照的是经销商处销售的其他品牌销售点所占比例。In emerging markets, though, the Chinese firms have made greater inroads, buoyed by infrastructure projects financed through Chinese financial institutions. In Kazakhstan, Chinese construction equipment brands had a presence in 42 per cent of dealerships, an 11 per cent footprint in Brazil, a 24 per cent presence in Russia, and in Iran — where business by European and US corporations has been limited by sanctions — Chinese equipment was on sale in 92 per cent of dealerships.然而,在新兴市场,得益于中国金融机构提供融资的基础设施项目,中国公司取得了更大的进展。在哈萨克斯坦,中国建筑设备品牌在42%的经销商中有售,这个数字在巴西是11%,在俄罗斯是24%,在欧美企业因制裁而业务受限的伊朗,这个数字达到92%。The lending firepower of China’s two policy banks — the China Development Bank and the Export-Import Bank of China — is likely to enhance the prospect of contracts for Chinese construction equipment makers in coming years. The two banks aly lend almost as much as the six western-backed multilateral development institutions put together.中国两家政策——国家开发(China Development Bank)和中国进出口(Export-Import Bank of China)充足的放贷能力,可能改善了中国建筑设备制造商今后数年签署合同的前景。这两家发放的贷款已经几乎相当于6家西方持的多边发展机构发放的贷款总和。However, the Chinese companies tend to be more heavily mired in debt. Zoomlion is the most egregious, with a total debt to ebitda (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) multiple of 21, while XCMG and Sany have multiples of 15.3 and 8.1 respectively. Caterpillar and Komatsu are considerably lower, while Deere has a multiple of 10.9.然而,中国公司背负的债务往往更重。中联重科是最突出的,其债务总额为息税折旧及摊销前利润(EBITDA)的21倍,徐工和三一的这个数字则分别为15.3倍和8.1倍。卡特彼勒和小松的这个数字要低得多,迪尔的这个数字则为10.9倍。But in spite of the heavy debt loads carried by Chinese companies, their appetite for overseas acquisitions appears to have remained undiminished. Zoomlion made a cash bid for Terex, the US company, earlier this year, though the result of that overture is still uncertain.尽管中国公司背负巨额债务,但它们对海外收购的兴趣依然不减。中联重科今年年初对美国公司特雷克斯(Terex)发出现金收购要约,尽管现在结果仍不确定。LiuGong, a Chinese machinery maker with a debt multiple of 16, has made no secret of its intent to boost overseas revenues to 50 per cent by 2020, up from 35 per cent of total revenues now, UBS said. Sany, for its part, announced this year that it had acquired another US-based dealer for earth movers, calling it part of an “aggressive” expansion of the company’s earth moving dealer network.瑞银表示,中国机械制造商柳工(LiuGong)毫不掩饰其这一打算,即在2020年年底前,将海外收入占公司总收入的比例从目前的35%提高至50%(该公司的债务为EBITDA的16倍)。三一今年则宣布,它收购了另一家总部位于美国的推土机经销商。该公司称,此举为“大胆”扩张其推土机经销商网络的一部分。 /201605/446399Yes, It’s Your Parents’ Fault缺乏安全感吗?这真的要怪你父母We live in a culture that celebrates individualism and self-reliance, and yet we humans are an exquisitely social species, thriving in good company and suffering in isolation. More than anything else, our intimate relationships, or lack thereof, shape and define our lives.我们的文化赞美个人主义和自力更生,但人类是一种敏感的群居物种,相处良好的关系让人精神抖擞,孤独的人则感到痛苦。有没有亲密的人际关系,对于塑造和定义我们生活具有非同一般的作用。While there have been many schools of thought to help us understand what strains and maintains human bonds, from Freudian to Gestalt, one of the most rigorously studied may be the least known to the public.从佛洛伊德到格式塔,有很多学派在帮助我们了解维系人际关系,导致关系紧张的因素,但有一种理论对这方面进行了最为细致的研究,却有可能是最不为人所知的一个。It’s called attachment theory, and there’s growing consensus about its capacity to explain and improve how we function in relationships.它就是依恋理论,人们对其解释和改进人际关系的能力正产生越来越多的共识。Conceived more than 50 years ago by the British psychoanalyst John Bowlby and scientifically validated by an American developmental psychologist, Mary S. Ainsworth, attachment theory is now having a breakout moment, applied everywhere from inner-city preschools to executive coaching programs. Experts in the fields of psychology, neuroscience, sociology and education say the theory’s underlying assumption — that the quality of our early attachments profoundly influences how we behave as adults — has special resonance in an era when people seem more attached to their smartphones than to one another.这个理论是50多年前英国心理学家约翰·巴比(British Bowlby)设想出来的,美国发展心理学家玛丽·S·安斯沃思(Mary S. Ainsworth)以科学方法对其进行了验。依恋理论现在获得了前所未有的普及,从老城区的幼儿园到企管培训课程,很多地方都运用在这个理论。其基本假设是,我们的早期依恋的质量深刻影响了我们的成年阶段。心理学、神经科学、社会学和教育领域的专家说,如今人们似乎更依恋智能手机而不是依恋彼此,依恋理论的基本假设在这个时代存在一种特别的反响。By the end of our first year, we have stamped on our baby brains a pretty indelible template of how we think relationships work, based on how our parents or other primary caregivers treat us. From an evolutionary standpoint, this makes sense, because we need to figure out early on how to survive in our immediate environment.婴儿一周岁的时候,大脑中就已经形成了一个几乎不可磨灭的对关系的思考模式,父母或其他看护者对待婴儿的方式塑造了这个思考模式。从进化的角度来看,这是有道理的,因为婴儿需要早点弄清楚如何在当前的环境中生存下去。“If you’re securely attached, that’s great, because you have the expectation that if you are distressed you will be able to turn to someone for help and feel you can be there for others,” said Miriam Steele, the co-director of the Center for Attachment Research at the New School for Social Research in New York.“如果你能安全地依恋某人,那非常好,因为你会觉得,在心情不好的时候,你可以向某人寻求帮助,而且觉得你也可以帮助别人,”纽约社会研究新学院依恋研究中心(Center for Attachment Research at the New School for Social Research)联合主任米里林·斯蒂尔(Miriam Steele)说。It’s not so great if you are one of the 40 percent to 50 percent of babies who, a meta-analysis of research indicates, are insecurely attached because their early experiences were suboptimal (their caregivers were distracted, overbearing, dismissive, unreliable, absent or perhaps threatening). “Then you have to earn your security,” Dr. Steele said, by later forming secure attachments that help you override your flawed internal working model.一项综合分析表明,40%到50%的婴儿在这方面的状况不佳,具有不安全的依恋模式,因为他们的早期经历不理想(看护者心不在焉、霸道专横、不上心、不可靠、不在场,或者可能进行了胁迫)。“这样你就必须努力去争取获得安全感,”斯蒂尔说,晚一些时候形成的安全依恋风格,可以帮助你改写有缺陷的内在运作模式。Given that the divorce rate is also 40 percent to 50 percent, it would seem that this is not an easy task. Indeed, researchers said, people who have insecure attachment models tend to be drawn to those who fit their expectations, even if they are treated badly. They may subconsciously act in ways that elicit insensitive, unreliable or abusive behavior, whatever is most familiar. Or they may flee secure attachments because they feel unfamiliar.鉴于离婚率也是40%至50%,这看上去不像是一个容易的任务。事实上,研究人员说,如果你的依恋模式属于不安全的类型,你容易被符合你的期望的人吸引,即使他们对你并不好。你可能会在潜意识的驱使下做一些事情,引起不敏感、不可靠或虐待行为,这些是你最熟悉的行为。你也可能会逃离安全的依恋关系,因为这让你感到陌生。“Our attachment system preferentially sees things according to what has happened in the past,” said Dr. Amir Levine, a psychiatrist at Columbia University and the co-author of the book “Attached,” which explores how attachment behaviors affect the neurochemistry of the brain. “It’s kind of like searching in Google where it fills in based on what you searched before.”哥伦比亚大学的精神病学家阿米尔·列文(Amir Levine)和《依恋》(Attached)一书的合著者说:“我们的依恋系统优先看到过去发生的事情。这就像是谷歌搜索务会根据你之前搜索的内容进行自动填充一样。”《依恋》探索了依恋行为如何影响大脑的神经化学机制。But again, history is not necessarily destiny. Intervention programs at the New School and the University of Delaware are having marked success helping at-risk groups like teenage mothers change their attachment behaviors (often passed down through generations) and establish more secure relationships. Another attachment-based intervention strategy called Circle of Security, which has 19,000 trained facilitators in 20 countries, has also proved effective.但是,历史不一定就会决定命运。新学院和特拉华大学的干预项目取得了显著的成功,这些项目帮助少女母亲这样的高危群体改变依恋行为(通常会代代相传),并建立更安全的关系。另一个称为安全圈(Circle of Security)的项目也被明是有效的,这是一个基于依恋的干预项目,在20个国家有1.9万名训练有素的协调员。What these protocols have in common is promoting participants’ awareness of their attachment style, and their related sabotaging behaviors, as well as training on how to balance vulnerability and autonomy in relationships.这些协议的共同点是促进参与者对自己的依恋风格及其相关破坏行为的认识,训练他们去平衡关系中的脆弱性和自主性。One reason attachment theory has “gained so much traction lately is its ideas and observations are so resonant with our daily lives,” said Kenneth Levy, an associate professor of psychology at Pennsylvania State University who researches attachment-oriented psychotherapy.宾夕法尼亚州立大学依恋心理疗法的心理学副教授肯尼思·利维(Kenneth Levy)说,依恋理论“获得了这么多的关注的一个原因是,它的理念和观点与我们的日常生活存在很多共鸣。”Indeed, if you look at the classic categories of attachment styles — secure; insecure anxious; insecure avoidant; and insecure disorganized — it’s pretty easy to figure out which one applies to you and others in your life. The categories stem from tens of thousands of observations of babies and toddlers whose caregivers leave them briefly, either alone or with a stranger, and then return, a test known as the “strange situation.” The labels can also apply to how adults behave toward loved ones in times of stress.事实上,如果你看看经典的依恋风格类型——安全型、不安全焦虑型、不安全回避型,和不安全紊乱型——很容易看出你和你遇见过的人属于哪种类型。这种分类来自于对数以千计的婴儿和幼儿的观察,他们的看护者离开一会儿,留下他们独自一人或者是和陌生人待一起,然后看护者再返回,这称为“陌生情景”的测试。而成年人在遇到压力的时候如何对待他们喜欢的人,也可以分为这些类型。Secure children get upset when their caregivers leave, and run toward them with outstretched arms when they return. They fold into the caregiver and are quickly soothed. A securely attached adult similarly goes to a loved one for comfort and support when they, say, are passed over for a promotion at work or feel vulnerable or hurt. They are also eager to reciprocate when the tables are turned.安全型的孩子在看护者离开时表现出不安,并在看护者回来时伸出手臂向他们跑去。他们抱住看护者,情绪很快就舒缓下来。类似地,安全型的成年人如果错过晋升,或感觉脆弱受伤时,也会向亲人寻求安慰和持。而当亲人遇到问题时,他们也乐于提供安慰和持。Children high on the insecure anxious end of the spectrum get upset when caregivers leave and may go to them when they return. But these children aren’t easily soothed, usually because the caregiver has proved to be an unreliable source of comfort in the past. They may kick and arch their back as if they are angry. As adults, they tend to obsess about their relationships and may be overly dramatic in order to get attention. They may hound romantic interests instead of taking it slow.不安全焦虑型的儿童在看护人离开时会感到不安,并且可能在看护人回来的时候走向他们。但是这些孩子的焦虑情绪不容易缓解,这通常是因为过去的一些事情已经明看护者作为安慰的来源不太可靠。孩子可能会有踢打、弓背等动作,好像在生气。作为成年人,这种类型倾向于对关系过于沉迷,可能会做出过度戏剧化的事情,以便获得注意。他们可能会迅速升温恋情,而不是慢慢发展。Insecure avoidant children don’t register distress when their caregivers leave (although their stress hormones and heart rate may be sky high) and they don’t show much interest when caregivers return, because they are used to being ignored or rebuffed. Alternatively, a parent may have smothered them with too much attention. Insecure avoidant adults tend to have trouble with intimacy and are more likely to leave relationships, particularly if they are going well. They may not return calls and resist talking about their feelings.不安全回避型的孩子在看护者离开时,没有表现出痛苦(尽管他们的压力激素和心率可能大大升高),并且在看护者回来时,他们也不会表现出很大的兴趣,可能因为他们习惯了被忽略或拒绝,或者可能是父母太多的关注让他们感到窒息。不安全回避型成年人容易在亲密关系中感到别扭,离开一段关系的可能性更大,特别是在关系发展顺利的时候。他们可能会不回电话,拒绝谈论自己的感觉。Finally, insecure disorganized children and adults display both anxious and avoidant behaviors in an illogical and erratic manner. This behavior is usually the lingering result of situations where a childhood caregiver was threatening or abusive.最后,不安全紊乱型儿童和成人会用不合逻辑、不稳定的方式来表现焦虑和回避行为。这通常是儿童遭到看护者威胁或虐待的长期结果。Tools to determine your dominant attachment style include the Adult Attachment Interview, which is meant to be administered by a clinician, or self-report questionnaires like the Attachment Styles and Close Relationships Survey. But critics said their accuracy depends on the skill and training of the interviewer in the case of the former and the self-awareness of the test taker in the latter, which perhaps explains why you can take both tests and end up in different categories.要确定你的主要依恋风格,可以到临床医生那里进行成人依恋面谈(Adult Attachment Interview),或者是填写自我调查问卷,比如《依恋风格和紧密关系调查问卷》(Attachment Styles and Close Relationships Survey)。但批评者说,该工具的准确性在前一种情况下取决于受访者的技能和受过的训练,后一种情况下取决于测试者的自我意识,这也许可以解释为什么你参加的这两种测试结果可能会不一样。“It can also be possible that people should be viewed as along a continuum in all categories,” said Glenn I. Roisman, the director of the Relationships Research Lab at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis.“我们可能也应该把所有类别看成渐变的连续带,”明尼阿波利斯明尼苏达大学关系研究实验室主任格伦·I·若斯曼(Glenn I. Roisman)说。It’s worth noting that just as people in the insecure categories can become more secure when they form close relationships with secure people, secure people can become less so if paired with people who are insecure. “You need social context to sustain your sense of security,” said Peter Fonagy, a professor of psychoanalysis at University College London.值得注意的是,正如一个不安全类别的人,在与安全型的人建立密切关系时可以变得更趋向于安全型,那些安全型的人在与不安全类别的人交往时,也可能会变得缺乏安全感。伦敦大学学院心理分析教授彼得·方纳吉(Peter Fonagy)说:“你需要社交背景来维持安全感。He added that having secure attachments is not about being a perfect parent or partner but about maintaining communication to repair the inevitable rifts that occur. In the daily battering of any relationship, Dr. Fonagy said, “if free flow of communication is impaired, the relationship is, too.”他说,拥有安全型的依恋风格,重点并不在于成为完美的父母或伴侣,而是在于维持沟通、修复难以避免的裂痕。任何关系都会有日常的磕磕碰碰,方纳吉说,“如果自由的交流沟通受到损害,关系也会蒙受损失。” /201701/487659

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