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  • 节目寄语每日床头啃一段语篇,您的生活质量更加高特别声明该文章中的讲解为可可签约编辑根据改编的名著所编写的参考资料啃嚼语段Now she wanted to be useful again, and to work.现在,她想让自己重新变得有用,想去工作So she dressed neatly, and helped in the harvest,所以她穿戴整齐,在收割季节来帮忙and looked people calmly in the face,她以平静的表情面对其他人,even when holding her baby in her arms.即便怀里抱着孩子也一样Having eaten her lunch quickly,迅速地吃完午饭后,Tess went back to work with the harvesters in the cornfield苔丝又回到地里和其他收割者们一块儿干起活儿来,until it was dark.一直干到天黑They all came home on one of the largest wagons,他们都坐上一辆最大的马车,singing and laughing together.一路笑着唱着回去了But when Tess reached home,但是当苔丝回到家以后,she discovered that the baby had fallen ill that afternoon.她发现孩子在那天下午生病了He was so small and weak他是那么地弱小,that illness was to be expected,but this still came as a shock to Tess.注定逃不过病魔之手,但这仍然震动了苔丝She got the shame surrounding his birth,她忘记了关于他出生的种种耻辱,and only wished passionately to keep him alive.只是满心希望他能活下来However, it became clear that he was dying.然而很明显,他就要死了Now Tess had a greater problem.现在苔丝遇到了一个更大的麻烦,Her baby had not been baptized.她的孩子还没受过洗礼呢语段精讲1. Having eaten her lunch quickly, Tess went back to work with the harvesters in the cornfield until it was dark.语法精讲【过去分词】:having eaten her lunch quickly是完成式的现在分词短语做时间状语可以将之改为时间状语从句:after she had eaten her lunch quickly写作语库【短语积累】go back to work:回到工作中去,回去工作 in cornfield:在麦地里. They all came home on one of the largest wagons, singing and laughing together.语法精讲【现在分词短语】:singing and laughing是现在分词短语做伴随状况状语苔丝和村里收割者一起坐车回家,做在马车上,同时他们唱着歌,一起欢笑Come和sing和laugh这三个动作是同时发生的语法精讲【介词on】:on a wagon意思是“乘坐马车”介词on在这里表示方式,乘坐什么交通工具3. But when Tess reached home, she discovered that the baby had fallen ill that afternoon.写作语库【写作加分短语】fall ill的意思是“生病”再如:She have to stay home because her son fall ill.(因为儿子生病所以她得待在家里)She may fall ill, in which case she will have to be taken to the hospital at once.(她可能病了,如果是这样,就得马上送她上医院) . She got the shame surrounding his birth, and only wished passionately to keep him alive.语法精讲【现在分词】surrounding his birth是现在分词短语做后置定语,修饰名词shameThe shame surrounding his birth的意思是“关于他的出生的羞辱”词汇注释:passionately:adv.热烈地,激昂地 文法精讲【使役动词】“keep sb+adj.”这个结构表示“使某人如何”文中出现的是keep him alive,意思是“使他活过来”5. Her baby had not been baptized.词汇注释:baptize是动词,英文解释为“give baptism to (sb); christen”, 翻译为“为(某人)施洗礼” “洗礼时命名”例如:She was baptized Mary.(她受洗礼时被命名为玛丽)6. ... and looked people calmly in the face...写作语库【短语结构】look sb in the face:看某人的面部词汇注释:calmly:adv. 平静地 33
  • Fruit Vendor: Wait! Don't go just yet. These bananas are pretty cheap--only 35NT this bunch.Robert: Now that's more like it! Bananas have lots of potassium, too! Fruit Vendor: They're also good your digestion! Would you like some kiwis, too? Robert: Are they from Taiwan? Fruit Vendor: They're imported from New Zealand. Four 50NT. Nine a hundred. Robert: OK. I'll take four kiwis.bunch (n.)   一串(水果),一束(花)potassium (n.)   钾部分医疗报导指出,摄取高钾食物可以预防中风,除了香蕉,柑橘及马铃薯也富含钾质That's more like it.   这才象话digestion (n.)   消化 A: Why do you keep burping? 你怎么一直打嗝? B: I have bad digestion. 我的消化不良import (v.)   import (v.) 进口;「出口」是export (v.)水果贩:等等!先别走这些香蕉很便宜--这一串只要三十五 罗 伯:这才象话嘛!香蕉里也有很多钾! 水果贩:它们也能帮助消化!你也要买些奇异果吗? 罗 伯:它们是台湾产的吗? 水果贩:它们是从纽西兰进口的四个五十九个一百 罗 伯:好,那我买四个奇异果 553
  • Kavita: What I wouldn’t give to get away a little vacation! Bill: Me, too, but we can’t afd it. Kavita: Oh, I don’t know. It’s off-season in a lot of popular places right now, so it may be doable. Bill: Maybe. We’d have to find some pretty deep discounts. There is a big advantage to traveling during the low season, though. It’s a lot less crowded. Kavita: Yeah, I like that. I’ll see if I can find a package deal that includes airfare and lodgings. That may give us the best deal. Bill: We have one thing going us. We have flexible travel dates, which should make it easier to take advantage of any special promotions. Kavita: That’s true. I'll start looking online and I’ll let you know what I find. Bill: I know what a good bargain hunter you are, so if anyone can find a good deal, it’s you. Kavita: I’m not at all sure I can find something we can afd, but it won’t be a lack of trying. I really need that vacation! 596
  • .Early in the day it was whispered that we should sail in a boat, only thou and I, and never a soul in the world would know of this our pilgrimage to no country and to no end..在清晓的密语中,我们约定了同去泛舟,世界上没有一个人知道我们这无目的无终止的遨游In that shoreless ocean, at thy silently listening smile my songs would swell in melodies, free as waves, free from all bondage of words.在无边的海洋上,在你静听的微笑中,我的歌唱抑扬成调,像海波一般的自由,不受字句的束缚Is the time not come yet? Are there works still to do?时间还没有到吗?Lo, the evening has come down upon the shore and in the fading light the seabirds come flying to their nests.你还有工作要做吗?看罢,暮色已经笼罩海岸,苍茫里海鸟已群飞归巢Who knows when the chains will be off, and the boat, like the last glimmer of sunset, vanish into the night?谁知道什么时候可以解开链索,这只船会像落日的余光,消融在黑夜之中呢? 63
  • What Wrong with American Idol?美国偶像怎么了?American Idol is no doubt one of the most popular TV shows of recent years, drawing millions of viewers.《美国偶像无疑是近年来最受欢迎的电视节目之一,吸引了数以百万计的观众But the show is misleading about what it takes to succeed as a musical artist in the modern world as it has created five myths.尽管这个节目曾创造了五个神话,但是对于如何在现代社会中成为一名成功的音乐艺术家这个问题有一定的误导性Myth 1 Industry talent scouts actively look singers and musicians to develop.神话1 行业人才发掘者积极寻找能够发展的歌手和音乐家Viewers believe that there are people out there searching talent they can mold into the next big pop star.观众们认为有人在寻找下一个能够被包装成受欢迎大明星的人才That an Old World view that simply doesnt reflect reality these days.那是过去的看法,不能反映如今的现状Instead, they look artists who are aly developing themselves, attracting fans and selling CDs on their own.相反地,他们会寻找已经自我发展的艺术家,能够吸引球迷和自己卖CDMyth Most ambitious musicians lack talent and are struggling and starving.神话 最野心勃勃的音乐家缺乏才能,还在为生计打拼The American Idol auditions, in particular, create this myth.特别是《美国偶像海选环节能够创造这个神话A huge amount of quality music is produced outside the mainstream.大量有品质的音乐的创造都是主流音乐之外的Many amazing musicians have decided theyre happier selling ,000 CDs on their own and making a hundred thousand dollars, than selling a million CDs and being broke on a major label.许多令人惊异的音乐家更乐于通过自己的力量销售000张CD,赚万美元,而不是贴上品牌标签卖1百万张CDThat the reality of today music business.这就是音乐市场的现实Myth 3 You need the approval of industry insiders to make it in music.神话3 你需要业内人士的审核,然后把它制作在音乐中Another wrong belief is that getting an industry big shot approval will make or break your career.另一个错误的信念是得到大人物的认可将要么成就你的事业要么毁灭你的事业 95
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