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你最想做什么? What Would You Want to do the Most? -- :35: 来源: If anyone asks me what do I want to do the most? I would say grow up quickly. I want to grow up quickly, and then I can help my parents share their heavy burden. Our family is poor. My parents have to work very hard to support our family. Every time I say to them that I can help. They always tell me that I am still very young, and I don’t need to worry about the family problem. I want to help, so I have to grow up quickly.不管是谁问我最想做的事是什么?我都会说快快长大我想快点长大,然后我就可以帮助父母分享他们沉重的负担我们家很穷我父母要很努力工作来撑这个家每次我跟他们说我可以帮忙的时候他们总是跟我说我还小,让我不用担心家里的事情我想要帮忙,所以我要快快长大我的宠物 My Pets -- :: 来源: I like animals very much. Rabbit is my favorite. I have two lovely rabbits. I like their round head, long ears, shorts legs and tail. Both of my rabbits are white. I think white rabbits are clean. I have to wash them every day. They like to eat vegetables. I always feed them on my hands.我很喜欢动物,兔子是我最喜欢的我有两只可爱的兔子我喜欢它们圆圆的头,长长的耳朵,短短的腿和尾巴我的两只兔子都是白色的我觉得白兔子很干净,我每天都给它们洗澡它们喜欢吃蔬菜,我经常亲自喂它们

大卖场 Shoing At An Outlet-- :7:31 ELIZA: This place is great. I'm surprised they have so much.JANE: Yes, but it takes a while to find things.It's not organized as carefully as a regular store.ELIZA: I never shopped in an outlet bee. We don't have any in my hometown.Why do they call it an "outlet"?JANE: Sometimes a clothes company makes too many of one item.They can't sell it all in their regular stores. So they send the overstock to an outlet.That's why they call it an "outlet".It's a store that "let's out" products the company can't sell in regular stores.ELIZA: And they have faulty products here too.JANE: Yes. A "faulty product" may be a shirt that has some problem.Or a pair of pants that is ripped a little.Sometimes the fault is very small. So it's a good deal to buy it.Sometimes, if you have a needle and th, you can fix it yourself.ELIZA: I like to sew, so that's easy me.I think it's a really good deal. Some of these shirts have only one tiny mistake on them.JANE: I know.So it's a good idea to shop in an outlet sometimes. You can save a lot of money.ELIZA: That's great me.Now that Steve and I have the baby, we want to save as much as we can.CASHIER: Cash or credit, Ma'am?ELIZA: Credit.JANE: Wow! How many of those sweatshirts are you buying?ELIZA: I have six here.JANE: Six? Why do you need so many?ELIZA: They're such a good deal.I'm buying one Steve, one his brother Rick,one my dad, two my sisters, and one me.JANE: You really know how to use an outlet store!ELIZA: I ought to make the most of it while I'm here, don't you think?JANE: Sure. You're smart.伊莉莎:这地方好棒哦!我很惊讶这里有这么多的东西珍:是啊,但找东西需要一点时间就是了这里不像一般的店那样井然有序伊莉莎:我从来没有逛过出清大卖场我们家乡没有这样的大卖场为什么叫做"大卖场"呢?珍:有时候成衣公司生产过量不能在各店销完,只好把存货送到大卖场来所以叫做"出清"就是商家把各店没卖出去的货清出去伊莉莎:这里也有瑕疪品珍:是的,"瑕疵品"可能是一件有缺陷的衬衫或是一条有破洞的裤子有时候瑕疪很小,所以很值得买的如果你有针线,可以买回家再做修补伊莉莎:我喜欢缝衣,这难不倒我我觉得是蛮值得的,这里的一些衬衫只是有一点小瑕疪珍:我知道有时候在大卖场购物是一个好主意,你可以省很多钱伊莉莎:对我来说,实在是太棒了现在史提夫和我有小孩,我们要尽量省钱收银员:太太,付现金或刷卡?伊莉莎:刷卡珍:哇,你买多少件汗衫呢?伊莉莎:六件珍:六件?为什么你需要这么多呢?伊莉莎:它们很便宜一件给史提夫,一件给他的弟弟瑞克一件给我爸爸,两件给我,还有一件是我的珍:你真的很会逛大卖场!伊莉莎:我当然要好好把握机会,不是吗?珍:当然,你真聪明

My Summer Vacation 我的暑假 -- :3: 来源: My Summer Vacation 我的暑假  This summer vacation I'm going to Beijing with my parents. Beijing is the capital of China. There are many places of interest, such as the Great Wall, the Summer Palace and so on. I like the Great Wall best because I know an old Chinese saying-he who doesn't reach the Great Wall is not a true man. So I will visit the Great Wall. What's more, I will also visit Beijing Olympic Gymasium. Oh, what a wonderful vacation it will be!  我个暑假我将和父母一起去北京北京是中国的首都,有许多名胜,比如长城、颐和园等等我最喜欢长城,因为我知道一句古老的中国格言-不到长城非好汉所以我一定要去长城另外,我还要参观北京奥林匹克体育馆噢,这将是多么美好的假期啊!

  一只导盲(Seeing Eye Dog) -- :: 来源: 一只导盲(Seeing Eye Dog)   a blind man is walking down the street with his seeing-eye dog one day. they come to a busy intersection, and the dog, ignoring the high volume of traffic zooming by on the street, leads the blind man right out into the thick of traffic. this is followed by the screech of tires and horns blaring as panicked drivers try desperately not to run the pair down.  the blind man and the dog finally reach the safety of the sidewalk on the other side of the street, and the blind man pulls a cookie out of his coat pocket, which he offers to the dog.a passerby, having observed the near fatal incident, can't control his amazement and says to the blind man, "why on earth are you rewarding your dog with a cookie? he nearly got you killed!"the blind man turns partially in his direction and replies,  "to find out where his head is, so i can kick his ass."

  6人英语剧本 A Singer’s Life一个歌手的一生 -- :5:59 来源: A Singer’s Life一个歌手的一生6人英语剧本by Betty Liao廖寶 6人英语剧本,一个歌手的一生Cast Raymond: Raymond Kemp: Raymond’s father Michelle: a passerby Grace: a composer Peggy: piano teacher Heather: a composer ——————————————————————————–Summary This play is about a singer’s life. When Raymond was a child, his father found him having a great gift music. So, he began to learn some musical instruments. He joined lots of contests and also became a music writer. Besides, he liked singing very much. He wanted to have an album of his own. Could his dream come true? Let’s take a look. SCENE I (Raymond’s home) R’s F: Welcome to my house. It’s a little messy. Make yourself at home. PT: That’s OK. We haven’t seen each other a long time since we graduated from college. You haven’t changed much. Is someone playing piano in your house? R’s F: Yeah it’s my son. Hey, Raymond. Can you stop making noise? You have been playing the piano all day long. PT: He’s playing the piano very well. R’s F: Thank you. The piano is his birthday gift from his mother when he was years old. He has played the piano every day since then. PT: I think that he has potential playing the piano. I’m a music professor at Tunghai University. If it’s OK with you, I want to teach him how to play. R’s F: Great! Thank you. I think that his mother would agree, too. 3 英语 剧本 Singer。

  My Family --1 18:1:33 来源: My Family Hello! Everyone. Here’s a photo of my family.Look! The girl in red is myself. I’m Gu Tingyan. My English name is Wendy. Please call me Wendy, because I like it. I’m tall and thin. My eyes are big. My hair is short. I like ing, skating, drawing and English. I’m very clever. I’m the top student in my class. All the teachers and classmates like me and I like them, too.The man on the right is my father. He is also very tall. He’s handsome. He always wears a pair of glasses. My father is an English teacher of middle school. Sometimes we learn English together. My father likes basketball. He is good at it. He always plays basketball with his workmates.The woman on the left is my mother. In my eyes, she’s very beautiful. She is tall, too. My mother has a round face, two big eyes and a small nose. Her hair is long. My mother is a doctor. She works very hard. She likes smiling. She’s very kind. I think my mother is a good housewife. She can make delicious dinner and she can do the housework well. Sometimes I help her.I have a happy family. I like my father and my mother.

  Master Good Ways to Study English 掌握学习英语的好方法 -- :50:9 来源: Master Good Ways to Study English 掌握学习英语的好方法  It's not easy to learn English well. But if you master good ways, you can learn it very well.  Firstly, you should listen to more English tapes. Secondly, you ought to take some grammar notes while you are listening in class. Thirdly, you should practice in groups. Asking and answering in English is a good way to practice your listening and speaking, Finally, you had better do more exercises. As you know, practice makes perfect.  学好英语是不容易的但是如果你掌握好的学习方法,你会学得很好  第一,你应该多听英语磁带第二,在课堂上听讲,你应该做些语法笔记第三,你应该分小组练习,用英语问答是提高听说的好办法最后,你最后多做练习众所周知,“熟能生巧”我的周末(My Weekend) --1 :8: 来源: 我的周末(My Weekend)  the weekend is coming. i will have a happy weekend.  on saturday morning, i’m going to do my homework. and then, i’m going out to play. i’m going to the bookstore and some books. in the evening, i am going to have dinner with my parents outside.on sunday morning, i’m going to the library or do my homework. and then, i’m going to listen to music. in the afternoon, i’m going to go shopping with my mother. i like shopping very much.  this is my happy and busy weekend. do you like this weekend?A letter to my parents --19 ::5 来源: Dec.6th .Dear dad and mum,I have been very happy in the school. Sometimes, at night I cry in the bed because I miss you very much. You always say “Learn well and I will be happy.” So I work hard in the school every day. After class I play with my classmates. We skip rope, play cards and ball and so on. I spend a lot of time doing my homework. After lunch we have to do Kumon. When I finish, I play Pingpong with my friends. Then I spend some time ing my English notes. At six o’clock I have my evening class. Then I have my evening snack at twenty past seven. After that, I have some free time. At eight o’clock, I go to bed. This is a day in the school. Mum, you always tell me “Happiness is very important in our life.” So I want to be happy every day. If you are not happy, call me please.Yours, Laura

  一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl) -- ::5 来源: 一个不错的女孩(A Nice Girl)  a nice girl  eva likes english very much. she works hard. she s english every morning. she likes speaking english.  she often listens to the radio. she watches tv only on saturday evening.  does she like dancing? no, she doesn’t. but she likes drawing and singing. her parents like her. and all the teachers and her friends like her, too.关于动物的小学英语作文 -01- :6: 来源: 关于动物的小学英语作文Here is a zoo.Look,the one lying on the grass is a tiger,he's the king King of the Monsters. The eating eating bamboo leaves is a panda,the national treasure.he's fat but very cute.Who are those with long noses?They are elehants.They have huge bodies,but they are not clumsy at all.I like the monkeys best,they are smiling at me on the tree now!这里是动物园看,那个躺在草地上的是老虎,他是万兽之王在吃竹叶的是国宝熊猫,他胖乎乎的,好可爱那些长鼻子的是什么?是大象他们身材硕大,但是一点也不笨拙我最喜欢猴子了,他们正在树上朝我笑呢!Animals in the zoo are very interesting!动物园里的动物真有趣!

  The Colour of Clouds --3 :31:55 来源: The Colour of Cloudssometimes the sky is full of white clouds. but sometimes clouds look black. where does the colour come from? clouds are made of water or ice. but the drops of water in the clouds are not red or orange. the sun makes the colours in the clouds. sunshine changes colour as it goes through the drops of water in the clouds. clouds look dark because they are so thick. lots of drops of water make a cloud. very little sunshine can go through. dust also makes clouds dark. dust from the ground is blown into the sky. and becomes part of the clouds. the colours of the clouds tell about the wether.

  My good habits --19 :: 来源: My good habits     In the morning. First, I get up. Next, I brush my teeth. Then, I wash my face. After that, I have breakfast. At last, I go to school.     In the evening. First, I finish my homework. Next, I have dinner. Then, I pack my schoolbag. After that, hang up my clothes. At last, I go to bed.     How about you?。

  中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:观复物馆 --30 :51:8 来源: 中国十大私人物馆英文介绍:观复物馆Top 3: Guanfu Museum观复物馆Guanfu Museum is an art museum founded in 1996 in Beijing by Ma Weidu. The museums main attractions are its ceramics hall, furniture hall, oil painting hall and doors and window frames. The museum focuses on cultural relics from the Ming and Qing dynasties. It also has a number of striking excellent theme exhibitions, including blue and white porcelain from the late Ming and early Qing dynasties, writing materials from ancient China, metalwork from ancient China and doors and windows from ancient China.观复物馆是一家艺术物馆,由马未都先生于1996年在北京创建主要景点有:瓷器馆、家具馆、油画馆、门窗馆观复物馆集中收集明清时代的文化遗产,并长期主办大量显著的主题展览,包括晚明和早清时代的青花瓷,中国古代的文具、金属工具、以及门窗 私人物馆英文介绍

  My Best Friend—English Weekly -- :35: 来源: My Best Friend—English Weekly  I have a good friend .Her name is English Weekly. She has a square(方形的) face. On her face, there are a lot of interesting things.  Do you know why I like English Weekly so much? Now, I will tell you the reason(理由)!  First,she can enrich (丰富) my English knowledge.  Second,all the pictures on her face are pretty.  Third,when I am not very happy, I will the jokes or the cartoons, then I will be in a good mood(好心情).  Oh,I like you, my friend——English Weekly.

  明天的计划 My Plan Tomorrow -- ::39 来源: Tomorrow morning, I am going to the play badminton with my friends, so I must get up early at 7:00 a.m.We will play half and an hour. And then we will have breakfast together. After that, I have to go home, because my parents and I will go to the supermarket and do some shopping. In the afternoon, we will visit to my aunt's home. She invited us bee. We will have dinner at her home. I do not see her a long time, so I am looking ward to seeing her. I miss her a lot. In all, tomorrow will be a rich day.明天早上,我和朋友去打羽毛球,所以早上七点我必须早起我们打算玩一个半小时,然后一起去吃早早餐吃完早餐我就回家了,因为我父母和我要去超市购物下午,我们去参观我姑姑的家,她之前就邀请我们了我们会在她家吃饭我有很长一段时间没看到她了,所以我很期待见到她我很想念她总之,明天将是丰富的一天

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